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AV Innovation at GE Vehicle Innovation Center

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  • GE, Freeman, Whitlock, Horizon Display, and Premier Mounts collaborated on this project to build a freestanding, nine screen video wall for GE's new Vehicle Innovation Center.
  • Contact: Josh Tonasket, Display Solutions Specialist, Horizon Display
  • For more information:
  • Horizon Display Case Study
  • GE New Vehicle Innovation Center
  • Photos provided by Horizon Display

Horizon's bracketing system worked seamlessly with our video wall stand, demonstrating its ability to support all brackets attached.

The bezel retainer components built by Horizon provided the displays with extra support for the video wall configuration.

A close up of Horizon's display bezel, the final piece of the installation implemented by Freeman Co. and Whitlock.

Built for easy shipping and handling, the 3x3 video wall stand provided effortless installation on site.

The stand includes unique adjustment bolts to assure the systems remains level and top adjustable brackets to ensure alignment of displays.

All displays are aligned and level for a seamless finish.

Customers can contact Horizon Display for the bolt option with the touch screen display.

Cooperation from GE, Whitlock, Freeman, Horizon Display, and Premier added to the project's success.

Touch-screen capabilities allowed for display interaction.

Premier Mounts installs a freestanding 9-screen video wall across a 140 in. touch screen display with a 3x3 video wall stand for GE Vehicle Innovation Center.

With Freeman Co.'s design, Whitlock was able to design a video wall system with touch capability. Using Premier Mounts’ MVWS-3X3 9-screen modular video wall stand, and working with custom design and engineering, Horizon Display designed a touch screen bezel and customized a bracket system to bolt to Premier Mounts' 3x3 modular video wall floor stand to successfully meet the requirements of the freestanding installation.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts?

"It was the best scenario we could've hoped for," said Josh Tonasket, Display Solutions Specialist at Horizon Display. Pre-building the video wall at the Premier Mounts' facility helped work out all details for the installation.

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

With cooperation across all parties involved, the timeline was well understood. Materials were made available in advance to ensure a seamless installation.

What was the biggest challenge, and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

The stand-alone requirement of the video wall was challenging. With no ceiling to floor support, the system had to be secured with a "minimal forward footprint" as stated by Horizon Display.