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1.5 inch adjustable-height suspension adapter (white)

List $168.00 Color: White

This 1.5 inch adjustable-height suspension adapter allows you to adjust the height of your display within a range of 24 inch to 46 inch (60.96-116.84cm) in 1.25 inch (3.18cm) increments.

Weight 12.28 lb.| 5.6 kg
Weight Capacity 160 lb.| 72.7 kg
DIM Sizes 8.75 in. (wide) x 26.00 in. (high) x 9.50 in. (deep) | 222 mm x 660 mm x 241 mm
UPC 829973801335
Data Sheet 0.34 MB pdf        Data Sheet w/o Price 0.34 MB pdf
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
CAD File 0.21 MB dwg
High Resoluton Image 0.43 MB zip
Manual 0.08 MB pdf

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