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A Complete Video Conference Setup

  • A/V shelving system for low-profile P-Series flat-panel mounts
  • Includes equipment shelves that install below the display as well as video conference shelves that install above the display
  • Ultra-flat shelf incorporates cable management
  • All shelves allow for daisy-chaining A/V equipment and/or computers above or below the display
  • Varying weight capacities of up to 25 lb. (Verify with specific product)

AV Shelves are the perfect accessory for P-Series mounts for video conferencing applications.

The SHLF-VC video conference camera fits all P-Series flat-panel mounts and provides a 10 adjustable increments of 1.3 inches.

A single equipment shelf like the SHLF-EQ provides ample storage for A/V equipment close to the display and includes added security with an opening to attach optional equipment straps.

Shelves can be combined to form a complete system for both video conference equipment and other accessories. The ultra-flat profile also incorporates cable management for seamless installations.

Additional equipment shelves are also available such as the SHLF-XE, which can be attached from the lowest equipment shelf for extra storage. The SHLF-XE also includes cable management as well as slots for equipment straps for added security.

The universal sound bar allows users to mount a sound bar or multiple security cameras above a display. The design also serves as a center of gravity to prevent flexing from unbalanced weight.

Mix and match the P-Series flat-panel mounts with the shelves to create the perfect combination for a seamless installation.

Premier Mounts' video conference and equipment shelves can be combined to create seamless setups for video conferencing applications. The shelves easily install above or below displays and provide many user-friendly features.

Quickly add versatility to any video conference installation with Premier Mounts' variety of A/V shelves available combined with the low-profile P-Series flat-panel mounts. All of Premier Mounts' shelves provide 100% compatibility with all mounts within the P-Series familty. Choose from a video conference shelf to install above the display with a camera mounting slot, or use an equipment shelf to store A/V equipment and/or computers below the display. Shelves can be combined for a complete shelving system.

How do I manage cables and wiring?

You can route cables and wiring through the openings in the back of the shelves and at the top and bottom of the shelf-adjustment brackets. This will keep the wires hidden from view for a neat, organized look around your display.

Is there a complete shelving system available?

Yes, see the SHLF-VE. The SHLF-VE shelving system contains a video-conferencing camera shelf and the single-equipment shelf.

Can I mount multiple equipment shelves on one display?

Yes, the SHLF-XE (additional equipment shelf) can be mounted below the SHLF-EQ. Up to two additional equipment shelves can be daisy-chained on the configuration.