Mobile Cart with 60 in. Dual Poles and Tilting Mount for Flat-Panels up to 175 lb./73 kg

List $885.00 Color: Black

  • Includes two locking and two non-locking, heavy-duty casters
  • Designed to easily roll through standard doorways
  • Nesting base design is ideal for tight storage spaces
  • Built-in lateral shift
  • Mount features patented Clevis technology for effortless tilt
  • Includes   BW-BASE   CTM-MS2   PSD-HDCA   T60  

This mobile cart combination includes the PSD-BW base and two CTM-MS2 flat-panel mounts. The PSD-BW nesting cart features 60 in. dual chrome poles for an overall height of 67 in. The unique base design allows easy storage of two or more bases. The CTM-MS2 is a tilting mount for flat-panel displays with patented Griplates™ (US Patent number 8,035,757 B2), which hold the flat-panel display permanently in the desired position. Weight capacity 175 lb./73 kg

Weight 88.00 lb.| 40.0 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 160 lb.| 72.7 kg
Number of Mounts 1
Total Weight Capacity 160 lb.| 72.7 kg
Height 60.00 in.| 1524 mm
Mounting Pattern Type Range
Mounting Pattern 200 x 200 (Min) - 505 x 800 (Max) mm
Display Range 40.00 - 63.00 in.
Tilt +12.00° / -12.00°
Pipe Length 60.00 in.| 1524 mm
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Why would I choose this cart over one in the PSD-EB Series?

The smaller footprint of the PSD-BW can fit through standard doorways in any orientation, where the EB Series requires specific maneuvering. The PSD-BW is also nestable, which makes it perfect for storing multiple units in a small space.

Why would I want to "nest" my carts together?

For locations that use multiple carts on a regular basis but are short on storage space, the ability to "nest" or stack carts behind one another allows a group of carts to take up very little space (a small storage closet or a single pallet, for example).