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Kansas Star Casino Hits the Jackpot with Premier Mounts

Project Value $800000.00

  • McClelland Sound chose various Premier Mounts' products including the ECM-3763Q quadruple display ceiling mount for a major construction project at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, KS
  • Completion Date: December 2012
  • System integrator: McClelland Sound
  • Contact: Matthew Wunderlich, President and Sales Manager, McClelland Sound Paul Colella, Commercial A/V Sales, McClelland Sound
  • Architect: JBA Consulting Engineers
  • Premier Mounts Sales Rep: Gina Schneider, Central Regional Sales Manager

The ECM-3763Q quad ceiling mount uniquely displays four flat-panels in a fixed ring, suspended from the ceiling, and provides viewing angles across the entire casino.

Supporting displays up to 175 lb. back-to-back, the ECM-3763D is another great option McClelland Sound installed for the casino, providing ample opportunity to deploy information to guests and visitors of the casino.

Restaurants can greatly benefit from digital signage installations, such as the example seen here at the casino. A digital menu is supported by Premier Mounts' PTM-B, informing patrons of specials, menu items, and other promotions.

"The versatility of Premier Mounts' products allowed McClelland Sound to install multiple configurations of displays throughout the casino," stated Paul Colella of McClelland Sound.

A swing out mount like the AM300-B is a great option to install with features including 90 degrees of swivel left or right as well as 10 degrees of tilt for optimal adjustments.

"The sturdiness of the mounts provided a seamless and hassle free installation that really helped to keep the project on time," said Colella.

The triple ceiling mount for flat-panels (ECM-3763T) provides the ability to mount the displays right of the box with no adapters needed, helping to keep the installation on track.

Premier Mounts' user-friendly product features allowed McClelland Sound to use the mounts for various installations.

The ceiling mounts also work with optional brackets for mini PCs and digital media adapters.

Features included with Premier Mounts' products such as Griplateā„¢ and Radial Glideā„¢ provide security and adjustability for seamless installations.

Systems Integrator McClelland Sound installed multiple display mounts from Premier Mounts throughout the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas during the construction of the brand-new casino.

Building an all-new casino, the ambitious project included installing multiple digital signage platforms throughout the casino including back-to-back, triple, and quadruple display mount formations hung from the ceiling, as well as seamlessly installed swing out, tilt, and pivot display mounts for entertainment at restaurants and bars throughout the facility.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts on this project?

"Premier Mounts provided great service and answered any and all questions we had throughout the install," stated Paul Colella of McClelland Sound. He continued, "The products were sturdy, easy to install, and provided multiple uses for installation."

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

During the 12 month timeline for the project, everything was received on time with no delays.

What was the biggest challenge, and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

"The amount and configuration of the displays was a challenge during this project," stated Colella. "Premier Mounts' innovative and user-friendly product design ensured a seamless installation process to help overcome this challenge."