Elliptical Floor Stand Base with PSD-HDCA Mount Adapter

List $510.00 Color: Black

  • Elliptical floor stand can be used as a static stand or mobile display
  • PSD-HDCA adapter included

The elliptical floor stand base is designed to be easily moved through narrow door frames and tight spaces while maintaining a high level of stability. It comes standard with leveling feet or casters

Weight 54.00 lb.| 24.5 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 200 lb.| 90.9 kg
Number of Mounts 0
DIM Weight 74.58 lb.| 33.9 kg
DIM Sizes 36.75 in. (wide) x 8.75 in. (high) x 38.50 in. (deep) | 933 mm x 222 mm x 978 mm
UPC 829973808594

Can I add casters to make this a cart?

Yes. You may purchase casters for the EB series stand or you can purchase it as an EB series cart by adding a C to the end of the model (ex: PSD-EB72C).

What if I have too many cables to fit through the cutouts on the poles?

We offer styles of cover packs that attach to the poles. The cover packs allow the cables to run in between the poles as well as through them.

What mounts can I use on this cart?

You can use any of the following mounts on this cart: CTM Series, UFA, USA or RTM Series.

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