Elliptical Cart Base with PSD-HDCA Mount Adapter

List $578.00 Color: Black

  • Caster set of four (4) with two (2) locking and two (2) non-locking
  • Elliptical floor stand complete with one dual display adapter (PSD-HDCA)

PSD-EB series base, casters, and PSD-HDCA adapter - Black (Does not include tubes)

Weight 63.00 lb.| 28.6 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 200 lb.| 90.9 kg
Number of Mounts 0
DIM Weight 74.58 lb.| 33.9 kg
DIM Sizes 36.75 in. (wide) x 8.75 in. (high) x 38.50 in. (deep) | 933 mm x 222 mm x 978 mm
UPC 829973816773
Data Sheet 0.34 MB pdf        Data Sheet w/o Price 0.34 MB pdf
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
Dimensional Drawing 0.11 MB pdf

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