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Premier Mounts Supports Revolutionary Learning with TAP•it®

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  • SmartEd Services
  • Cleveland Corporate Services
  • Completion Date: 2010/On going
  • Cleveland Corporate Services enlisted the expertise of Premier Mounts’ custom design and manufacturing team to build a portable, interactive cart for special needs children in ADA environments.

Extended height adjustment with max height at nearly 55 in. This feature is sure to maximize the users who can use TAP•it®.

Now with a 3 stage lift system, TAP•it® will drop down to nearly 7 in. from the floor to the lower edge of the display for users seated on the floor.

Effortlessly control lift and tilt adjustments with the touch of a button.

5 in. medical grade locking casters ensure safety of all users and provide smooth mobility.

Tilt adjustment from 0° to 90° and 43 in. wide base accommodates all users.

Setting and meeting expectations for design, prototypes, and production runs is always difficult when pushing new products to market.

Overall esthetic improvements such as elliptical tubing, base, and lift covers provides smooth radius edges, and a very durable product.

The significant impact of this product provided an inspiring and rewarding experience.

Cleveland Corporate Services was looking to design and market a portable cart for a touch panel display that would be used with primarily special needs children in ADA environments.

Building a product that cannot be found anywhere in the market required elevating skill and performance levels to meet expectations. Although challenging at times, the final outcome of producing a product that would have a significant impact on its users was the most rewarding, and continually inspired Premier Mounts’ design and manufacturing team throughout the process.

What precautions did you make to help ensure that TAP•it® is durable and safe?

The all steel construction, proven manufacturing and quality control processes, life testing in excess of 10,000 repetitions, tip tests to ensure conformity to UL standards, and weight load tests on the base.

What challenges did you face in the design of the TAP•it® workstation?

With the variety of users and devices, as well as wheelchair sizes that would use the device, combined with the position possibilities of TAP•it®, it became difficult where to draw the line for the range of motion.

What was it like to work with SES/CCS on this project?

Challenging, rewarding and inspiring. Creating a work of art that can’t be found anywhere in the market and providing a positive impact in someone’s life makes the challenge a rewarding experience for all involved.