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In-Wall Box for the AM50

List $231.00 Color: White

  • Recess mount for AM50 swingout mount (formerly AM2)
  • Frame allows for a finished look
  • 14" width fits snug within standard 16" studs
  • Installation kit includes wood shims for gaps
  • Integrated PEM-Nut hardware
  • Cable routing along frame and through knockouts
  • Mount sold separately

The INW-AM200 In-Wall Box allows for recessed wall mounting of our AM50 swingout arm. No mount disassembly required. The mount can be placed directly into the in-wall box; simply fasten the mount's adapter plate to the in-wall box then attach the mount to the wall plate.

Shipping Weight 12.30 lb.| 5.6 kg
Weight Capacity 50 lb.| 22.7 kg
Typical Display Sizes 10.00 in. & up

Display weight & VESA pattern are the most important factors for determining mount compatability

DIM Sizes 6.00 in. (wide) x 6.00 in. (high) x 16.00 in. (deep) | 152 mm x 152 mm x 406 mm
UPC 829973259051
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
CAD file 1.44 MB dxf
Dimensional Drawing 0.04 MB pdf
High Resoluton Image 5.62 MB zip
Manual 1.37 MB pdf

What surfaces can I install the INW-AM200 in?

We recommend you install the in-wall box on wooden studs and solid-flat concrete. If the in-wall box is to be installed on any surface other than wooden studs, use suitable hardware (which is commercially available).

What are the included wood shims for?

Wood shims help center the unit, as well as provide a tight fit when all the wood screws are tightened down. Use as many shims as it takes to ensure the in-wall box is level and centered.

Do I need to disassemble the swingout mount to fit it into the INW-AM200?

The in-wall box is designed so that you can place the mount directly in it with no disassembly (just make sure the flat-panel display is not attached). Simply use the Phillips head screws and lock washers provided with the in-wall box to fasten the wall p