Model-Specific Video Wall Spacer

Free with every fourth (4) LMVs purchased Color: Silver

  • Includes GAPit™ Gauge video wall tool
  • LMV multi-monitor stacking allows a customized video wall mounting system while model-specific spacers streamline individual display alignment
  • Designed specifically for NEC P551 and P551-AVT
  • Model specific flat-panel spacers dramatically cut down on time and frustration of large matrix video-wall installations
  • If purchased separately, list price is $150.00

The LMV-317 is designed specifically for NEC P551 and P551-AVT. This flat-panel model-specific spacer works in conjunction with their LMV large matrix video wall mounts. Both the mounts and this model-specific spacer were designed to take the guess work and extra time out of daunting, large scale permanent installations.

Weight 5.00 lb.| 2.3 kg
UPC 829973817848
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Are there other spacers designed for different flat-panel models?

Model-specific spacers are available for most flat panels, providing the perfect spacing specific displays without the hassle or guesswork or measuring for each one. Currently Premier Mounts offers over 60 versions of their spacers that work with displays

The LMV-317 has been tested with the following OEM products.