Model-Specific Video Wall Spacer

Free with every fourth (4) LMV or LMVS purchased Color: Silver

  • Includes GAPit™ Gauge video wall tool
  • Multi-monitor stacking allows a customized video wall mounting system while model-specific spacers streamline individual display alignment
  • Designed specifically for LG 55VS10
  • Model specific flat-panel spacers dramatically cut down on time and frustration of large matrix video-wall installations
  • If purchased separately, list price is $150.00

The LMV-422 is designed specifically for LG 55VS10. This flat-panel model-specific spacer works in conjunction with LMV Press & Release™ Pop Out Mounts or LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Ultra-Slim Mounts. Both the mounts and this model-specific spacer were designed to reduce the installation time for video wall projects.

Weight 5.00 lb.| 2.3 kg
UPC 829973824402
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
Manual 0.63 MB pdf

There are currently no F.A.Q.'s available for the LMV-422. Please contact Customer Service at 800-368-9700 with your question.

The LMV-422 has been tested with the following OEM products.

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