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3x4 MicroTiles® Configuration with Elliptical Stand

List $3484.00 Color: Black


  • MTM-3000 has pre-configured ports to quickly and easily place on Premier Mounts dual pole stand
  • Three (3) MicroTiles® can be pre-installed to each MTM-3000 bracket then raised altogether onto the dual pole stand
  • Elliptical floor stand can be used for a static stand display
  • Custom products are build-to-order or low stock and subject to qty based pricing and standard lead times of 30 business days, please call for price and lead time
  • Bundle includes: EB-BASE-C MTM-3000(x4)   T72 

Our 3x1 Christie® MicroTiles® mounting bracket is now available in stand configuration. Four single MicroTiles® brackets (see MTM-3000) placed onto our Elliptical 72" Stand (see PSD-EB72) for a versatile setup for displaying the dynamic, ultra rich-media visual provided by the MicroTiles®.