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Header Bar for MVWS-3x3-46

List $1695.00 Color: Black

  • Attach to the video wall stand and suspend from ceiling with cables (not included)
  • Works with 3x3 modular video wall stand configuration with 46" displays

The header bar is designed suspend the MVWS-3X3-46 video wall stand from above. The bar comes with a set of different rigging mounting hole in order to adjust the viewing angle of the suspended display. Simply attach the header to the stand, disconnect the stand base and lift the stand off the base with rigging cables (not included) suspending it from a ceiling, truss or crane.

Length 118.00 in.| 2997 mm
UPC 829973816520
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
Dimensional Drawing 0.09 MB pdf
Manual 3.63 MB pdf

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