Low-Profile Dual-Pole Floor Stand with 60 in. Black Poles

List $672.00 Color: Black

  • Base plate can be bolted to the floor
  • Complete stand includes one single-display adapter (PSD-HDCA)
  • Works with CTM, RTM-S, RTM-L, UFA or USA Mounts
  • Available in 60, 72 and 84 in. heights
  • Cable management inside poles
  • Adjustable flat-panel placement along poles for perfect viewing height
  • Low-profile base (0.53 in.) can easily slide under a carpet for a seamless look
  • Includes   PSD-HDCA   T60B   TS-BASE  

The PSD-TS60B low-profile dual-pole floor stand comes with 60 in. black poles and supports up to 200 lb. This dual pole stand is compatible with UFA, CTM, USA or RTM mounts (not included).

Shipping Weight 125.00 lb.| 56.8 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 200 lb.| 90.9 kg
Number of Mounts 1
Total Weight Capacity 200 lb.| 90.9 kg
Height 60.00 in.| 1524 mm
Pipe Length 60.00 in.| 1524 mm

Can I bolt this to the floor?

Yes. There is a .375" hole on each corner of the base to bolt and secure the base to the floor.

What mounts can I use on this cart?

You can use any of the following mounts on this cart: CTM Series, UFA, USA or RTM Series.