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Large-Scale Displays Now as Light as a Feather

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  • Owner: Simon Property Group
  • This was a revolutionary project, hanging over 500 lb. of digital signage over a crowd with one of the first large screen displays from Panasonic
  • Premier Mounts' custom design and manufacturing built a suspension mount for a 103" Panasonic display for digital signage.

Built-in cable management hides cable clutter and prevents cable pinching.

1-2" diameter, aircraft-grade cables can support over 10 tons to ensure safety for the crowds walking below.

Precise alignment is possible after installation with the vertical adjustment rod to aid in leveling.

For safety, the flat-panel is secured to the mount with captive screws, or set screws, to lock the display in place.

With a weight capacity of 600 lb., the SCM-103 can securely hold mega sized displays.

A unique, large scale digital signage application in one of the busiest malls in the New York Area.

At the request of Simon Property Group, Premier Mounts’ custom design and manufacturing fabricated a large-scale suspension mount to accommodate Panasonic’s 103” display.

The industry’s first suspension mount for a mega size display, the SCM-103 would be installed for use at several retail properties at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, New York and Newport Center Mall in Jersey City, New Jersey, some of the busiest malls in the New York area. Built for maximum durability, the custom mount for digital signage placement securely suspended the 485 lb. Panasonic 103"flat-panel display from the ceiling. With a weight capacity of 1600 lb. and aircraft grade cables able to support over ten tons, the mega size mount easily supported the weight of the display. The mount also includes accommodating features to make it an efficient mounting option, yet with an aesthetically pleasing design.

What was involved with creating a custom suspension mount for such a large display?

The actual mount was designed to attach to the display so that it would not cause the display glass to flex. Cracking the glass on a display of this cost is a great concern and Premier Mounts’ suspension mount addresses this using a 5 piece mount system.

How was this installation completed?

Cables were pre-hung to the supporting structure, allowing integrators to connect the mount while it was still on the ground, then raise it. Air flow and pressure changes were also accounted for with structural rigidity.

What was the biggest challenge of the project?

Providing safe suspension, while retaining aesthetics including stainless steel braided cable, multi-point attachments for dual cables, and other precise structural design with a finished and stock appearance provided a unique digital signage display.