Universal Short-Throw Projector Wall Mount

List $429.00 Color: White

  • Features slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs (four long and two short) to reach wider mounting points
  • OSHPD and DSA approved (OPA-2440-07)
  • Best for classroom and conference rooms where ceiling installations are not possible
  • Optional audio upgrade with UNI-AUD kit
  • Includes patent-pending GearBox™ for amplifier PC, Mac mini™ or control modules
  • Extends 7 to 27 in. in from the wall

The UNI-PDS combines the universal PDS-PLUS-W mount with a universal short-throw projector wall mount. Offering more adjustment options than any other projector arm, the UNI-PDS extends 7 - 27 in. or up to 67 in. from the wall when used with an optional arm extension. It does not require a stud located in the center of the whiteboard or screen and mounts to dual studs at 16, 18, or 24 in. spacing.

Shipping Weight 32.00 lb.| 14.5 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 50 lb.| 22.7 kg
Number of Mounts 0
Depth 27.00 in.| 686 mm
Mounting Reach 16.43 in.| 417 mm
Adjustable Distance 20.00 in.| 508 mm
Pitch +16.50° / -16.50°
Roll +7.50° / -7.50°
Yaw +41.00° / -41.00°
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
CAD File 1.35 MB dwg
High Resoluton Image 0.75 MB jpg
Manual 2.77 MB pdf

Is there an audio upgrade for the UNI-PDS available as an add on?

Yes. Order the UNI-AUD for an upgrade kit including our UNI-SPKR and the CPA-50 amp. This can also be purchased as one complete product by ordering UNI-PDS-AUD.

How does 12 points of contact help?

More contact points means more surface area, which equal more friction applied across the mount. This translates to a rigid mount that will not creep or sag after installation.

The UNI-PDS has been tested with the following OEM products.