Classrooms Get Smart with Premier Mounts

I went to High School on a campus that was, quite literally, falling apart. It wasn’t a bad school, it was just old and somewhere in there they had failed to realize that building a school with a foundation similar to a sponge wasn’t a great idea. When class sizes began multiplying and overfilling, they moved some of the classes out of the main buildings and into portable classrooms. They were cold and rickety and when it rained we were all pretty sure we were going to float away. One such day, as the raindrops pelted the roof and joyfully distracted us from our Algebra lesson, we noticed that a lovely little water stain was gathering on one of the ceiling tiles. It had been there a while, but was now bellying away from the ceiling and before we ever got to figure out the answer to number 12 (isn’t it always C?), it suddenly buckled and spilt it’s contents all over the floor. No one was hurt, but it stood as a hilariously filthy lesson that sometimes, classroom upgrades are a necessity.

The education system has an emerging front, and it’s facing toward the rise of technology. With technological advances both in and outside the classroom, cutting-edge educational upgrades have become more accessible than ever. STEM learning- education with emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math- has been the headlining education path for the past decade. More and more, we’re seeing these digital native students use laptops and tablets as interactive replacements to old-school (is that where the phrase came from?) blackboards for enjoying interactive discussions and information sharing. Hi-tech education is indeed on the rise, embracing cloud computing/storage and allowing students and parents to also engage in out-of-classroom supplementation. Students are now expanding the boundaries of their assigned schools- sometimes playing by the rules and other times not- creating enrollment competition and pushing school branding as a higher priority. Never has it been so important for educators to carve out budget space for innovative educational tools.

Premier Mounts provides many such tools for the education market, ranging from simple to complex. Our line of projector mounts offers options to utilize educational projectors, with choices for weight capacities in short throw and precision gear projectors. Projectors can be a considerably inexpensive classroom upgrade and allow students to view learning materials from anywhere in the room; helpful in today’s growing class sizes. Students can engage in HD resolution within a fully cinematic experience, reaching out to even the shortest of attention spans. Offering options both in black and white, our projector mounts blend in seamlessly at a cost-efficient price tag.

Various ceiling structures, including wood beam and I-beam, aren’t an issue with a wide selection of adapters/extensions, and all-inclusive packages are readily available for mounts utilizing our false ceiling adapters with full or partial ceiling tile options. You’ll also want to note our Lock-It™ security hardware and leveling barrel, which provide strong protection, as well as the mounts offering our patented MagnaGuide™ system, which reduces installation time by as much as 32% by using powerful magnets to guide the projector bracket into the ceiling mount.

Flat-panel displays are also evolving in the classroom, where our mobile carts make it easy for classrooms to maximize display usage using easy room-to-room transportation. The old adage of “nails on a chalkboard” can now archive itself with the introduction of our flat-panel sliding mounts, like our FPS-300, which holds 65”-90” displays and can slide across any length of track across an existing whiteboard or wall, as well as lift and lower to your desired viewing height.

Research shows that the number of digital signage projects used in the Educational market is skyrocketing. According to Futuresource Consulting, the projected annual growth of installed digital signage units will increase by 22% worldwide and 47% in the United States from 2012 to 2015. Global spending on IT hardware in education is expected to double by 2015 (including interactive whiteboards and digital signage displays).

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Higher-education campuses utilize a variety of digital signage applications, as I discovered once I graduated High School and moved on to greener (and less water soaked) pastures. Large displays can be used to promote news, issue emergency alerts, student events, student achievements, campus way finding and fundraisers. iPad mounts can be used to post room schedules and notes to students regarding specific reminders. Interactive whiteboards, like our FPS-300, are taking over classrooms with ultimate maneuverability and interactive teaching options. Kiosks and way finders help students navigate large campuses and pick up important information on the go. Video walls are being installed in recreational areas on campus, stadiums, arenas, ballparks and even Olympic pools to advertise and showcase important events. There is also a growing use of digital signage in case of campus-wide emergency notifications.

Project integration is best planned out with the help of one of our Project Specialists in order to ensure that the results are the most cost-efficient and high-quality upgrades on the market. Quality and versatility are the most important elements in any hardware installation, because you want them to stand the test of time. With projectors, you should look for a universal mount (such our PDS-PLUS) that offers universal mounting patterns. These mounts can be used with a variety of projectors, which means they require only ONE installation, even if you upgrade/replace your projector later down the line.

An expert design team and engineering masterminds are merely a part of the bigger picture that we aim to accomplish: putting our customers first. We hold each of the markets that we cater to in high regard and seek to make sure that they receive the best, most accessible products and services from us. Education holds a soft place in each of our hearts because we, too, seek to become more educated in our everyday lives and encourage those attending campuses across the globe to embrace the future of their own education. Without learning, we wouldn’t have the skills and expert knowledge that we base our company on, and it’s exciting to help create cutting edge classrooms that encourage students and usher in the future as well.

If you’d like more information on how our vision for education can shape your campus, contact us at customer, or call (800) 368-9700.