Cool Tool of the week: PSD-HDCA

When you are working in a fast moving, deadline driven environment, streamlining is a key factor in order to partner flexibility with efficiency. It’s important  to always plan for the unexpected; pre-empting pitfalls with user-friendly tools and planning. Considering the variables that go into the design of an event, it is vital to know that your equipment is reliable and rugged enough to withstand the harsh treatment in the Rental & Staging environment, while taking just seconds to support the repair of an attached display or A/V appliance. With over 100,000 carts and stands sold to the rental and staging industry, Premier Mounts has established itself as the leading expert with innovative, durable and certifiably tough products.

PSD-HDCA Adapter

PSD-HDCA adapter with included wrench

PSD-HDCA Heavy-Duty adapter

PSD-HDCA adapter back view

The PSD-HDCA improves versatility with its advanced design and simple, one-step attachment process with no need for special tools. The adapter attaches to carts and stand configurations in less than a minute, making installation quick and simple, and comes with an attached standard wrench for quick bolt adjustments. It can easily adapt to UFA adapter plates or CTM flat-panel mounts, providing versatility while using one of our “backbone” dual pole carts or stand configurations. Binocular-shaped adapters can create unnecessary hassle since you need to slide them off the top of the stand for adjustments. The PSD-HDCA makes things easy, allowing you to loosen and remove at any point on the poles, saving you both time and man power. There’s no need to put two or more people on a job when they’ve got a laundry list of other assignments to attend to. One person, one minute, and you’re done.


PSD-HDCA close up from the front

PSD-HDCA adapter with transparent poles

PSD-HDCA with transparent poles

With a variety of different mounting patterns from 4.5” bolt pattern to a 100 × 100 mm VESA pattern, the 500 lb. tested weight capacity makes it accessible for a wide range of displays.  The PSD-HDCA joins our extensive list of durable, flexible products for Rental & Staging that are tested to hold up to four times their stated weight capacity to ensure sustainability in the face of rough handling during setup as well as striking at shows, sets and other events.

PSD-HDCA in action

PSD-HDCA on dual pole stand

PSD-HDCA with transparent stand

PSD-HDCA adapter on a transparent stand display

Durability, maneuverability and flexibility are monumentally important when working on a Rental and Staging configuration. The rush of setup and take-down don’t leave room for lacksadasical products- it demands strong, durable ones that don’t take much time and ensure that your project goes up- stays up- and comes down, all with no margin of error. Our carts and stands provide features such as nesting (to minimize storage requirements), integrated cable management, maneuverability for ease in rolling through standard doorways, reinforced caster stems and a high weight capacity allotment for even your largest of projects. The PSD-HDCA provides support for each one of those R&S priorities.

When you’re busy (and who isn’t?), you need a user-friendly adapter to simplify the process of cart and stand adjustments. When time constraints and durability are key factors, our handy tools can save you time and effort. Make your next installation an easier one with our Cool Tool of the week: the PSD-HDCA Heavy-Duty Clamp Adapter and Flat-Panel Mount.

Old TS Stand

An in-use TS floor stand rental in action (using the old PSD-SPA adapter). See how much abuse they can take!