Dial “M” for Mount Specialist: A One-Stop Shop for Customer Care

I’m so familiar with the protocol of automated service lines that I generally just dial the 800 number and set my phone on speaker, ready to reach over and dial 0 for the operator as soon as they ask me what language I speak. In fact, I can’t help feeling like I’ve gotten “great” service if I only have to press 0 once, because nothing annoys me more than the “let us know what you’re calling about, so that I can direct you to the correct department” line. Especially when it’s followed by the “I’m sorry, I’m a computer. Can you repeat that at least 3 more times?” And we’ve all done the exasperated jaw clench when we get an automated, “Goodbye,” after one too many attempts to bypass the system.

It isn’t “old fashioned” to want a live person to answer your phone call, it’s just good customer service. Call it “retro,” if you will, but that’s why we’ve dialed back on automated phone lines and introduced a Dedicated Customer Care Line at Premier Mounts.

Now, dialing (877) 668-6830 gets you directly to one of our live (and actually human!) Customer Care specialists, whose goal is to answer each call before the second ring. That means that in the amount of time it takes for our competitor’s answering service to say, “For English, press 1,” Premier Mounts already has a live service representative investigating your question or concern.  Even if you haven’t updated the new direct phone number, a call to our main telephone line can also put you directly through to the Customer Care team, without the aggravation of being given a separate number to call back.

“Our Dedicated Customer Care Line has been great for our customers,” says Pansy Leo, Vice President of Marketing at Premier Mounts, “Many companies use automated lines with ‘Press 2 for sales,’ or ‘Enter the first 3 letters of the person’s name.’ By the time they’re pressing all of these numbers, they’re completely frustrated. Our Dedicated Customer Care Line has been an important move to give our customers the best experience possible. Each of our Regional Account Managers also has their own Skype account in order to facilitate every possible way to contact us as quickly and as smoothly as possible, and the feedback from both options has been fantastic!”

Our Customer Care specialists act as a sort of amplified gatekeeper, trained to answer the majority of your questions in one call, but with the capacity get you to another live person if you need more detailed large order pricing from your Regional Account Manager, or if you’re interested in a custom solution design with the help of one of our Sales Engineers. Questions and concerns that Customer Care can help with include Return Material Authorization (RMAs), tracking, information on a credit, order confirmation, list pricing, and more.

For any questions, or to reach the Customer Care Line, call (877) 668-6830.