Customer Service with On-Site Assessment

If you look at any successful business, you’ll see that their priorities rest with their customers. It’s not about fattening wallets or egos, good business means setting goals to improve the industry and then aiming to surpass those goals. It’s an advancing series of expectations, and we don’t want to deliver a product or service to have you react with a caveman’s response of “Mount, Good.” We’ve pushed for evolution in our industry. We believe that you should be elated, and that we should be talking about the different ways you can use us to provide for your needs.

This was exactly why our co-CEO, Rich Pierro, went to Florida this November to check in with one of our leading distributors in order to inquire about their experience with us. He and Tiffany Dozier, VP of Sales, have made it a priority to stay informed on how our customers interact with us and make certain that we’re delivering the best service possible. This visit has been just one of our many around the country to experience, first hand, the daily routines of our customers and then work with them on ways what we can alleviate potential challenges. Rich and Tiffany were immersed in the distributor’s business operations, engaging in discussions on what we, as their supplier, could do to help improve their experience working with Premier Mounts.

In talking with this particular distributor, we discovered that they were receiving multiple boxes for multi-part products, and we determined that we could consolidate these products into one package. To simplify their delivery process, we immediately moved forward with streamlining these products into convenient single-box SKU delivery by working with our domestic and international distribution locations. We want our customers to have the easiest, most efficient experience possible. With this one change, our distributor is now able to reduce non-value-added time previously spent searching for multiple SKU boxes, and can now pull a product and ship it in one smooth transaction. This has, in turn, increased their efficiency and therefore saved them money.

We pride ourselves on being a very hands-on company, and we want to make sure we stay that way by engaging with our dealers and distributors in order to consistently improve our operations management. As another example, we’re also expanding our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system. This upgrade will further ensure that our dealers can view data to see what inventory we have “available to promise,” and we can exchange more instantaneous information. It’s this kind of customer care that we strive for every day because, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you have a suggestion or request regarding our distribution process, please call our customer care department at (800) 368-9700, or email us.