MTM-3000 wins big at the 2014 DIGI Awards

Recently, we got an exciting phone call informing us that we’d won one of the ever-prestigious DIGI Awards, which are administered by NewBay Media’s Digital Signage Magazine and recognize innovation in digital signage and Digital Out Of Home applications/new products. This is our second DIGI award in a row; an indication of our newest trend and a sign that we should buy a bigger display case. Our DIGI 2014 Award was given for Best Mounting Solution, in honor of our MTM-3000 3×1 Christie® MicroTiles® Mounting Bracket, which also took home the InfoComm 2013 Rental & Staging Award for Best Digital Signage Product.

  • Premier Mounts wins DIGI
  • MTM-3000 Micro Tile Mount
  • MTM-300 mounting solution
  • MicroTile Mount from above
  • MTM-3000 hooking to MTM-6060

The MTM-3000 consists of one single bracket from the MicroTiles Mounting System with three MicroTiles attached, and can be used individually or in conjunction with other Premier Mounts’ display configurations like the MTM-6060 MicroTiles wall unit. This convenient mounting system can be pre-installed to mounts on the floor and then raised three or more at a time into the wall brackets, using hooks to allow for quick placement in the desired position. It utilizes quick and easy installation with floating wall plates and wall brackets, ensuring optimal alignment and levelness without the need for time-consuming fine-tune adjustments. Mounts can easily be transferred from wall configurations to a cart or stand, such as the Premier Mounts MTM-3141 elliptical stand or the MTM-3242 lightweight dual-pole floor stand. Various-sized wall brackets are available to configure the array to the desired size for limitless capabilities. The MTM-3000 holds 12 lb. of Christie MicroTile weight per mount, for a total weight capacity of 36 lb. each, and a max total of 20 in. wide and 15 in. across.

We are thrilled to be honored with this prestigious award, and look forward to continuing to make an impression on the people at Digital Signage Magazine in the near and distant future.

For more information about the MTM-3000 Christie MicroTile mounting system, or other digital signage products, go to our website, call (800) 368-9700 or email