Order Up! Dynamic Digital Signage in QSR

When it comes to the foods we eat, we’re getting more and more aware of the variety of options on the market. Both in our kitchens and on our evenings out, we’re expanding our menus and palates to push away from ketchup-smothered mystery meat and toward selections like Asiago-infused 100% Angus beef with Peppered Bacon and Rosemary-Garlic Aioli. These days, menu items like these are no longer exclusively for “reserved seating,” but available on menu boards of quick serve restaurants (QSRs) across the globe.

From the bun to the tortilla to the salad bowl, consumers are paying attention, and QSRs are taking note. Menus are growing larger and many fast food chains are enticing customers with a bevy of carefully crafted specials and promotions. In the opinion of a self-described “foodie,” the current state of the fast food industry is proving to be a great time for the dinner bell to ring. However- the information overload on the QSR frontline can easily become overwhelming. This expanding array of options is creating indecision and increased ordering times. In short: with so many choices to choose from, customers want to review their options even if it means the line behind them snakes its way out the door.

The solution to this information overload is menu board optimization. If quick serve restaurants create a menu strategy to give their customers direction toward specials and mealtime-appropriate options, along with clear imagery of what they offer, turnover time will decrease and business will therefore increase. According to the brand-retail innovators at King-Casey, menu board optimization shows sale increases as high as 10% for key products. They also note that 74% of customers say that an easy-to-read menu board is their top priority*. These statistics serve to assert that the answer to menu board optimization is to incorporate dynamic digital signage.

Dynamic digital signage menu boards offer the option to not only update menu items quickly, but also hold the potential to synchronize chain restaurant menu boards from a centralized location. Popular applications for dynamic menu boards are outdoor marquees and drive-through menu boards, indoor menu boards and interactive signage. Let’s go over these in detail.


Outdoor Menu Boards


With outdoor marquees, the goal is to invite customers into the restaurant using vivid digital signage. Outdoor menu boards allow potential customers to view their options while enticing customers with titillating images of what the restaurant has to offer. What option is more likely to pull you into a pizza restaurant: a sunlight-faded static sign of a cheese pizza or a vibrant invitation of pizza slices oozing with mozzarella and visibly fresh from the pizza oven by the steam wafting off its crust, while sitting next to a fizzing glass of ice-cold soda? That’s what I thought. Inviting signs like these also work extremely well in high-traffic areas, such as downtown locations where many other QSR options are within a close range. Freestanding mounts like our Kiosks make for an excellent option with customized branding, as well as our Outdoor Solutions Line for wall-mounted and ceiling mounted outdoor menu board applications.

Digital drive-thru menu boards are important to maintain a speedy flow of traffic, allowing customers to quickly make their meal decisions. It’s important to keep these menu boards up-to-date, as well as compliant to regulation laws such as the 2010 Health Care Reform Act, which states that chains with 20 or more outlets must display nutritional information content. With rotating specials and menu items, digital signage is the most cost-effective way to manage current and future requirements that may be implemented. Our Outdoor Solutions Line is weatherproofed to withstand a range of outdoor elements, and includes theft-deterrent hardware to keep your equipment safe.

Menu Boards

Indoor Dynamic Digital Signage


Expansive menu options are overwhelming for people who may have only a small window of time to decide on what to order, which is why concise indoor menu options are important in order to simplify the process for them. Clear design placement of menu boards is also a key factor in simplifying the ordering process and wait time. Display standards recommend that you position menus with a horizontal, double horizontal, or triple vertical layout behind the ordering counter. We recently did a study to determine the optimal tilt angle for menu boards, based on distance from the customer point-of-order to the displayed menu. We took the average human height (5’7”) and the standard QSR menu board wall height for an 8-foot wall as well as a 9-foot wall, with an optimal visual angle of 90 degrees. Using this test, we identified the optimal viewing angle at 9 degrees for an 8-foot wall, and 16 degrees for a 9-foot wall. Tests like these are all incorporated into the planning component of our Solutions Operation and a mere portion of our management over the Structure of Dynamic Digital Signage.


Menu Board Tilt Study


A growing trend in menu board digital signage is the use of interactive kiosks and touch screens. This process allows for customers to enter orders in a user-friendly way, while allowing for easy bill payment services as well as sign ups for promotional email lists. This first-hand usage is especially great for companies looking to gain customer leads with mailers and coupons, in turn bringing repeat business. Display mounts such as our IPM-300 are ideal for counter-top applications, and our IPM-700 allows for in-wall touchscreen menu board applications.

As discussed in our recent blog on The Structure of Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions, the most important element in any digital signage display is to incorporate our planning team as early in the process as possible. Not only do we offer our vast product line, but also the combination of our planning capabilities and partners within the industry will maximize your ROI and ROO for your dynamic digital signage campaign. With the help of our expert team, we can design and implement dynamic digital menu boards with minimal down time for your conversion from static to digital signage, using our high-quality mounting solutions for ease of updates and maintenance. For further inquiries on any of our Digital Signage Solutions, contact us at customerservice@mounts.com, or call (800) 368-9700.