The FPS-200 & FPS-300 Slide into Homeroom

Today’s educational delivery system is one of adaptation. It evolves with each generation, using cutting-edge technologies and teaching methods in order to graduate advanced learning each year. Yesterday, I watched my nephew play an educational interactive tablet game about Dinosaurs- followed shortly by a TWO-HOUR conversation in which he schooled me on every type of Dinosaur.

From every Period.

From memory.

Which made me feel… inadequate to say the least. It’s this interactive style of learning that puts my 9 year-old nephew at an advantage over my (now dated) collegiate education.

With the concept of interactivity comes the need for supporting products, and the new interactive LCD displays offer a learning experience like no other. One that will produce the future of the world’s Doctors, Politicians, and yes- Paleontologists. The products to support this educational evolution are key factors in student-engagement, providing visibility, clarity and flexibility in learning. The FPS-200 and FPS-300 offer this brilliant delivery to make sure that both Elementary and Higher-Ed students have the means to access the information they need to push their learning experience even further.


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The FPS-200 Flat Panel Lifting Mount provides a simple stationary or mobile wall-mounted unit that uses a motorized 18”-range lifting and lowering system to help guide displays up to 250 lb. to the desired height. It’s convenience as a combination-whiteboard mount allows for 50 through 90-inch interactive displays to be used in conjunction with white or blackboards, avoiding major classroom design overhauls. The FPS-200 uses steel channels to mount in front of existing classroom whiteboards, and provides plenty of space to clear existing board layout while also allowing for cable management to keep wires and cords out of sight.

The FPS-300 Flat-Panel LCD Slider Mount offers further versatility with the ability to not only adjust to the desired height, but also glide displays with 65 to 90-inch screen sizes horizontally across the wall, offering optimal visibility and compatibility within existing classroom layouts. The FPS-300 also offers customization to classroom environments with expandable track lengths in 8-foot increments. Lock the display into place with a simple level on the back of the mount, using Premier Mount-tested and proven technology to provide convenient and safe product stability.

Touch-screen capabilities are maximized with this easy-to-use mounting system, which combines new technology with existing structural design. Lesson plans can now be used interactively for ultimate cognitive impact, while delivering maximized ROI on your budgetary investments by cutting out construction and electrician costs due to ease of implementation. Old-school video carts (pun intended), are no longer a necessary giant to be rented and wheeled into the classroom for instructional videos and Rainy Day Activities. The FPS series offers classroom versatility and multi-functionality with video, interactive display, presentations and even test-timer stopwatches. For ultimate classroom functionality, look no further than the FPS-200 and FPS-300 Flat-Panel motorized mount series.