Staying Inn with Premier Mounts – Display Creations for Hospitality

There’s a noticeable difference between an average and a luxury experience, especially in the hospitality industry. Staying in a hotel for the night, whether it be for business or for pleasure, holds an opportunity for the ultimate escape. Take a steaming bath in a whirlpool tub, hit the downstairs restaurant for a filet mignon with your favorite Cab, and forget about the mundane distractions of your day-to-day for a moment. This is the relaxing escape you’ve needed for weeks.

Hotels are driven by this experience. With online customer-rating programs and esteemed reputations to preserve, the risk factor is high when corners are cut by installing shoddy equipment and enabling ambience-distracting racket. Staying in a hotel should be the equivalent of being in your own disconnected world, “Away From It All.”

Integrators working in the hospitality industry understand this. They want to offer top-of-the-line ideas at cost-effective prices, with no room for delinquency on product and service delivery. Here’s the breakdown:

There’s some hesitation in calling any of our products “custom,” because that terminology creates an aura around them as if they’re user-puzzling designs opting to fill a wall by emptying a wallet. The formula that Premier Mounts utilizes a “We-Can-Do-That” design in an Honest-Policy package. We want from our hospitality integrators what they, in turn, seek to offer to their end users: The Wow Factor.

Premier Mounts’ CEO Len Dozier is a firm believer in delivering on these policies:

“My rule of thumb is that if I have a stock product that will do the job, then I recommend the stock product because it’s going to be the most cost-effective solution. But it’s also important to consider the overall vision. You can utilize a stock product as is, or you can slightly modify a stock product, or you can create a new design from scratch, depending on the customer’s requirements. It’s a matter of just ‘listening to the customer tell you what they want you to do and then create it.’  

The most important thing is to have a complete understanding of the industry including understanding  the language and figuring out what questions are being asked. We accomplish this through our participation in industry shows and events as well as interfacing with customers on an ongoing basis. The result is that I’m going to build want they want, the way you want it built. That’s how I approach it. There’s nothing we can’t build. Nothing.”

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It’s essential for hospitality products to fulfill a long list of criteria. Product security is an obvious concern, which is why we offer in-wall box options that provide a tamper-free and key-locked compartment to house expensive electronic equipment inside the wall. It’s also important to consider complex product surroundings. For example, one integrator requested a mount with a swing out arm that would need to be nested in a saw-fit type area, and would need to avoid any display collisions with the expensive wood work walls surrounding it. Predicaments like this are resolved with innovative design modifications that allow the display to only swing in a particular manner as to avoid such damage. This is but a taste of the “modified stock products” Len described above, built specifically as an off-the-self product with the customization to fulfill a particular design need.

Products that push such design needs into the foreground are our specialty. Intricate framing options can be designed to tie recessed-wall displays into the decor of any room. Audio upgrades can be tied into customized display mounts to present unification for a multi-faceted audio-visual display, which we did when we created adapters to mate a custom Samsung sound bar to a display in natural-looking swivel design.

One of the things that sets Premier Mounts apart from other companies is our consistent drive to answer the questions that need answering. We recently ran an independent series of tests to determine how the construction of a hotel room wall might be made more soundproofed. We ran it with the idea that if there were a question we couldn’t find the answer to, we would create a test to find those answers ourselves. This is yet another exhibition of the mentality: when it comes to our product, we’re going to do what it takes to deliver nothing but the best every time.

Why run these sound tests, you ask? Hotel televisions are getting more upscale than ever, with the availability to pull viewers into an action-packed scene where they feel like they are almost involved in saving the planet, or catapulting through a car chase, or disarming the bomb… but just because room 204 wants to be the hero doesn’t mean that room 205 wants anything other than a good night’s rest. So how do we keep both sides of the wall “audibly appeased?”

Leave it to the genius behind our Engineering Department to Sherlock Holmes the situation and devise a test to find the best possible way provide the optimal levels of drywall sound-proofing possible. Using standard drywall as a control and from there testing four alternate sound-proofing options, they ran tests to determine the most effective noise barriers. Going beyond customer expectations is a behavior that exits throughout all of our departments, as you can see from by our  Engineering specialists here.

sound test

Each sound barrier option was closed off in a separate compartment

Testing The Sound

Testing with one control and four variable sound barrier options

It’s this mentality that brings Premier Mounts into the foreground for more than just a great product company, but a great experience company. We want to be the ones that our customers can count on for knowledge, reliability, and fast answers for the stuff you never even expected. We want to take something you consider good, and make it GREAT, and we want to do it just because we think that kind of service will never be outdated or over-delivered. We refuse to settle for sub-par interactions between ourselves and the people we do business with, because we believe you deserve nothing less than our absolute best.