Premier Mounts Displays The Facts: 5 Things To Know About Digital Signage

Ode to the New Year. It’s time to lose some of that eggnog/stuffing/pecan pie weight, learn about composting and finally organize that mystery drawer in your office. Thousands of years ago, ancient Babylonians created the concept of New Years Resolutions as a time to settle any debts they owed from the previous year, and it’s now pressed forward into the tech-savvy “iPresent” as a time when we resolve to take action toward living the most fulfilling lives possible.

We at Premier Mounts believe that knowledge is power, and that the way to become the best at something is to educate yourself about it. We’ve long since made it our goal to ensure that our customers have all of the tools they need to help actualize their resolutions, whether made in January or July. Now, with Digital Signage transforming the world of customer information and interaction, we want to make sure that you understand what it’s about, how it can revolutionize your business and what resources we offer to get you the greatest ROI on your digital signage display. So grab your Lean-Green juice (it’s not in a plastic bottle is it? IS IT?) and read our Cheat Sheet on how to use Digital Signage to catapult your business into 2014.

What IS Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the use of electronic displays to deliver information, entertainment, or advertisements in a Digital-Out-Of-Home (often called DOOH for short) Experience. Think: interactive touch-screen kiosks, informative video walls (of any size), customer-service way finders and brand delivery showcased through digitally enhanced window displays.

Why is Digital Signage a useful tool?

It isn’t hot-off-the-press news that today’s customers want to make the most informed decisions possible within the shortest amount of time. Where the Internet has made both the margin of prices as well as their availability closer than ever, businesses need an edge to keep customers interested and informed, while bearing in mind the shrinking time constraints from intrigue to purchase. Digital Signage offers strategic messaging, which enables consumers to make the most informed decisions possible and answer any questions they have before they even have to ask them.

Why change from Static Signage to Digital Signage?

People want information and they want it now. With static signage, the opportunity to inform someone is limited to one visual display of your product or service, along with a description that leaves little in the way of inter-communication. Touch-screens and interactive displays allow you to converse with your customer-base, inviting much-sought-after feedback and the opportunity to find out what people want. Create a buzz with creative and interactive displays, engage customers in conversation about what they like or want from your company, design frequently-updated campaigns and offer speedy service options to maximize both their time and yours.

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How Can Digital Signage Cater To My Needs?

The two components of any successful campaign are:

  1. An understanding of what your needs/goals are.
  2. A strategic plan outlining the desired Call To Action to achieve those goals.

In other words: what do you want and how do you intend to get people to give it to you?

Deciding on your business goals is considerably easy, but finding the best way to deliver them is a much harder task. Just as you would use a template to draft up a business plan, it’s important to utilize a design team to map out the steps that will bring you from Plan to Profit. Premier Mounts understands the delicate interchange between investment and return, particularly when the availability of “at-what-cost” alternates are so temptingly available. You’ll note that I didn’t say “low cost alternates,” and there’s a reason for that.

Any online product search will bring you a list of options. I just searched “Ab Roller” and got over 45 pages of results, and that’s a simple product comprised of two wheels and a stick. When you’re looking for something to showcase an interactive digital signage display featuring high-investment electronic equipment, you don’t want to settle for mounting products that necessitate extensive service and maintenance times. With the constraints of minimal service timeframes and manpower, saving a few pennies on a cheaper mounting option just doesn’t make any cents sense. Which is exactly why Premier Mounts offers a 360° Customization Approach using our D3 Plan to deliver the best lifetime value for your digital signage display.

Start by allowing us to Define your digital signage needs, using our expert consultants to develop ideas from a seed to fruition. Utilize our team’s expertise in determining ideal screen location(s), user interaction plans, plans for ease-of-installation, ideal system integration, mounting and hardware selection, custom design engineering and optimal display maintenance. Our Dedicated Custom Mount Solutions Team offers Product and Project Management, as well as Design Engineers and a Global Logistics Team to ensure every step of the process is handled with care and expertise.

Next, we create a Design to fulfill your specific needs, using the information we’ve assessed on location. Working prototypes are created with a series of computer simulations, plastic evaluation models and laser CNC-produced working prototypes before the final product is created in our Custom Mounting Solutions dedicated tool room. Each step of the way is carefully designed to ensure that the finished result frames your digital signage display spectacularly.

The final step in the production process is to Deploy your project. Utilizing our full in-house UL Testing labs in either our 65,000 sq. ft. U.S. manufacturing facility or our 170,000 sq. ft. Far East facility, we offer a variety of final shipment options, including timed and split shipments to control job site inventory if needed. We can ship anywhere in the world in 1-5 days, and we offer continuous tracking and documentation required for worldwide shipments.

Once you have the product in-hand, our expert team moves forward by providing training programs, both in-person or online, to ensure that your installation team is fully equipped with knowledge on how to avoid install errors, meet safety standards and instill full product installation knowledge. Utilize our technical support team, including 12 dedicated customer sales representatives who are fluent in 5 languages, along with 2 technical support specialists- all of whom are cross-trained and dedicated to first-time call resolution.

What ROI Does Digital Signage Offer?

The face of marketing is changing. With online analytics and statistics readily available, gauging which of your products and services are piquing interest is as accessible as a log-in password. But even with the capability to see how many people are clicking through your website, what does that really tell you about what they’re looking at, and more importantly: what they’re looking for?

Statistics provided by Direct Marketing News have determined that 50% of consumers disengage with brands because of irrelevance, and a whopping 60% of marketing today is untargeted and irrelevant to consumers** . Digital Signage provides you with advantageous relevancy via interactive feedback (say that five times, fast!) Use it to cater to your customers by giving them a behavior-determined experience, along with the option to use minimal on-location staffing and in turn providing them increased privacy during their shopping or learning pursuit.

Looking for more precise figures? Consider this scenario: You hire a marketing expert to learn the ins and outs of your customer base. Their tool kit contains lengthy studies, paid focus groups, competitor analysis and outsourced advertising using cross-our-fingers antics. Now multiply their salary by the number of years you would like to stay in business (forever, right?) and add benefits, workspace costs and the inevitable employee margin of error. This is how much it would cost you to access and utilize the information that digital signage gains by going directly to your customers and asking them what they want from your business. When you look at the big picture, the ROI is a given.

There are, of course, other options for on-site interactive marketing. But they involve handing out fliers in a poorly-ventilated caricature costume and let’s face it: we all duck down when that guy approaches us.

**(“Get Relevant or Get Lost”,, July 7, 2012).