Value in Customer Service: From Our Front Door To Yours

The day I started at Premier Mounts, the Human Resources Manager walked me through the entire building, starting at reception, through multiple business offices, manufacturing and the warehouse, and looping through the various conference rooms. I couldn’t tell you how many hands I shook that day, and I felt an overwhelming sense of dread as I realized that I was going to be calling people “Hey, you,” for longer than I’d like to. As time passed, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it became to remember the names of these people who placed so much emphasis on making sure I felt supported and engaged within my new work family. It’s this kind of affinity for people that makes the Premier Mounts team so unique.

This week I did a different kind of walk through, and with results that surprised even me. I asked a sample of Premier Mounts’ employees what made their role, or their department, so unique when compared to others within the industry. I had expected a lot of hard facts and/or self-promotion, but not one person- NOT A SINGLE ONE- cited anything that wasn’t centered entirely around their relationships with their customers.

Our receptionist smiled and informed me that we are dedicated to answering each call on the first ring, and never, ever leaving someone on hold for more than a minute. “We want to make certain that every person who calls our office gets a live person, and never a voicemail unless they specifically request it. Our customer’s time is valuable to them, and what’s important to them becomes important to us.”

Premier Mounts' People

One of our Regional Account Managers stated that it was important to him to make sure he was DSE-Certified, as well as enrolling in any additional training sessions that would help him gain insight into his customer’s needs. Our recent expansion of our Sales Department, which added a new Customer Care Division, was implemented as a means to “give us the opportunity to completely focus on caring for the customer aside from sales and order processing, which we believe is completely essential in order for our customers to have an outstanding experience with Premier Mounts,” according to one of our Customer Care Specialists.

One of the most engaging responses I received expanded on the Premier Mounts team as a group completely committed to every division of the company. “There are individuals within this company who have been employed in practically every step of the process since they started working here. Many of them began on the assembly line, gaining hands-on experience and using a managerially emphasized mindset to cross-train and never stop learning. These people moved through the company, gaining years of experience and knowledge that they’re now using in customer service and managerial positions of their own. Our competitors have a tendency to sell products and mounts, whereas our people have expertise on multiple aspects of the industry- therefore offering our customers the full experience.”

Our Sales Engineers cite years of experience in both engineering and sales that allow them to become their customer’s point person for both. One also pointed out that the ability to offer technical support either on site, over-the-phone, or a combination of both, allows them to make sure their customers have an answer to every question, from every angle, every time.

Another common thread throughout my interviews was a love for good work and a thirst for knowledge to help improve it. Our Product Support Specialists place emphasis on customer peace of mind and satisfaction, not only working through both email and phone call inquiries, but with a genuine sense of excitement when able to answer deep-rooted questions. One even stated “I love it when someone asks about a product or a project that spans back to when I started here. I’ve been here over a decade, and I have a broad knowledge base when it comes to Premier Mounts’ current as well as past products. My goal is to manage my customer’s requests from start to finish and hopefully expand their knowledge, too, while I’m at it.”

Premier Mounts at Almo E4 Pro AV Show

Our Design and Engineering teams began the trek into the hands-on, protective eyewear portion of our facilities, where the testing processes are also rooted in making sure customers come first. The Design team maintains a unique fabrication process, created to ensure quick prototyping. Our top-of-the-line, in-house testing facility is built up to UL Standard compliancy for up to 10,000 lb., and the department as a whole makes it a point to enroll in any classes or training to make sure they’re up to date on all of the newest design and engineering technology.

Then I moved on to the Manufacturing portion of the facilities, pleasantly greeted by the Manufacturing Manager who showed me their new centralized scheduling system, a process unique to Premier Mounts. He explained to me that where other companies have an individual who has to manage each job one-by-one, monitoring every point and micromanaging the process, this centralized scheduling system serves as an automated “To Do List.” Every operation point within the manufacturing process has a computer program which updates not only what order their jobs need to be in, but the exact time they need to start for maximized efficiency. They’re also in transition to paperless processes, including automated design specs to analyze quality and precision for each project. Rather than using mass quantities of paper to track (and potentially lose) job information, each division is now able to access the process in its entirety on through their computer system.  A system like this not only promotes eco-consciousness, but also allows for customers to receive the fastest service of the highest quality products in the market.

“It’s because of this type of efficiency,” explained our Warehouse Manager,” that we maintain a 99.7% on-time shipping standard. People outside of the industry might not know the statistics, but towers above industry standards, which means that our customers are getting their orders exponentially faster than they would when ordering from one of our competitors. Our USA and Taiwan manufacturing facilities also mean that no matter where the order is being sent- we’re offering the most cost-efficient freight pricing, too.”

We have a firm belief that our customers are what make us unique here at Premier Mounts. From the welcome mat to the shipping dock, from our address to yours, and from the ceiling to the floor to the wall- we’ve got you covered.