Habitat Outdoor Digital Media Enclosure

Shaun O'Brien Shows The Habitat Line
Use for a variety of applications
Front and Bottom Access to Display
HAB47-1 Single Enclosure
Easily Expands to the HAB47-2
HAB47-3 Provides Maximum Impact

The Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System Enclosure is a weather resistant enclosure useful for relaying information through outdoor menus, public announcements, venue communications or transportation information.

  • Features modular design to enable conversion from single to double or triple display expansion using the same enclosure base
    • Operating temperature of 0°-104°F, with optional AC for high temperature environments
      • Super durable outdoor powder coating
        • Wall or pedestal mountable
          • Product-specific LG 47WX50MF-B, IPS Edge, LED, Full HD and Open Frame Monitor features a High-Brightness Screen with 2000nit rating and Shine-Out technology
            • Built with Galvanized Treated Steel for ultimate rust prevention
              • 6mm of laminated, shatter-resistant and anti-reflective glass
                • QWP Polarizer refracts sunlight to allow polarized lens wearers to view display clearly
                  • Theft-deterrent Security Key Latches
                    • Customizable to add cameras, speakers and branding
                      • Outdoor Protection: NEMA 4, IP56
                        • Touchscreen option available

                          • Durable and secure with technological advances to provide aesthetic clarity, the possibilities for the Habitat enclosure line are endless. Enjoy full ROI with full peace of mind by implementing Premier Mounts’ Habitat: Where Outdoor Digital Signage Exists.

                            Click here for a full list of product specifications.