Habitat Outdoor Digital Media Enclosure

Pansy Leo Shows The Habitat Line
Use for a variety of applications
Front and Bottom Access to Display
HAB47-1 Single Enclosure
Easily Expands to the HAB47-2
HAB47-3 Provides Maximum Impact

The Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System Enclosure is a weather resistant enclosure useful for relaying information through outdoor menus, public announcements, venue communications or transportation information.

  • Features modular design to enable conversion from single to double or triple display expansion using the same bolt pattern base plate
    • No Air Conditioning required for operating temp: 0-50°C, resulting in up to 70% less energy consumption
      • Versatile wall or pedestal mounting options
        • Weather-resistant, Outdoor Protection: NEMA 4, IP56
          • Touchscreen option available
            • 6mm laminated, shatter-proof, anti-reflective glass
              • Theft-deterrent and vandal resistant
                • QWP Polarizer refracts sunlight to allow polarized lens wearers to still view display
                  • Unique airflow system and positive airflow to keep dust and dirt out
                    • Customizable options to add cameras, speakers and branding
                      • Customizable for a variety of OEM display models. Contact our Solutions Group at 877.472.2991 for more information

                      • Durable and secure with technological advances to enhance the customer experience. Enjoy full ROI with full peace of mind by implementing Premier Mounts’ Habitat: Where Outdoor Digital Signage Exists.

                        Click here for a full list of product specifications.

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