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Mobile Transport Cart

The Mobile Transport Cart (MTC) is a transportation and storage tool, that holds up to four TS or TL bases, along with corresponding poles, mounts and adapters. It is the AV industry’s first cart and a 2014 rAVE award-winner that provides the following benefits:

  • Up to 75% greater transportation efficiency
    • 25% warehouse storage space savings
      • Reduced risk of injury for workers
        • Easy maneuverability in standard elevators, trucks and especially in narrow passageways
          • Protects and prolongs the life of your equipment
            • Use this professional looking cart for your most discerning corporate accounts with strict appearance rules

              • The development of the MTC was based upon feedback from the Rental & Staging industry, but it also serves a need for the Corporate and Hospitality markets.

                In the near future, we will also offer optional personalization upgrades, such as custom colors for your cart and other branding options incorporating your logo.

                Space Savings
                The MTC’s compact footprint uses 25% less warehouse space to store TS/TL bases, poles, mounts and adapters when compared to the conventional way of storing the equivalent number of equipment without the use of the cart. Since there is a spot to store each piece of your equipment, the MTC protects and prolongs their life when compared to the conventional method of stacking bases one on top of another that results in scratched surfaces.

                Transportation Efficiency
                Reduces transportation time by up to 75%. Safely transports 4 TS/TL bases, poles, mounts and adapters at once, up to 550 lbs. Simply wheel it out of the storage warehouse, onto a truck, off the truck, into standard elevators and to your final set-up destination without all the back-breaking manual labor.

                Each piece of equipment has a spot to be secured on the MTC and therefore can be safely transported, reducing potential injury and worker’s compensation claims. Options to transport heavy equipment include the built-in forklift lifting channels so a forklift can be used to further enable transport from loading docks. The wheels are also lockable, so the cart can be secured at a particular location.

                A comfortable, ergonomic handle with grips, along with two rigid wheels and two swivel wheels allow for easy maneuverability, especially through narrow passageway. It fits nicely in standard elevators and trucks so can you get to where you need to go to set up quickly and efficiently. The clean, professional look of the MTC allows it to be used for your most discerning clients who have strict appearance rules.

                For ordering information, please contact us at (877) 668-6830, or via email at