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Extend, Tilt, and Find the Perfect View with the AM100 Ultra-Slim Swingout Mount

  • Made of lightweight aluminum for user-friendly design
  • Holds displays up to 100 lb. with mounting pattern from 200x200 mm up to 630 x 526mm
  • Adjust swivel up to 180 degrees and tilt up to 15 degrees
  • Low-profile holds displays 1.5 in. from the wall
  • Extension up to 30 in. from the wall
  • Integrated cable management built into the swing arm
  • Optional in-wall box provides recessed mounting setup with additional storage with keylock for cable and power cord organization (See INW-AM100)

The AM100 is the perfect installation for hospitality environments providing full adjustability for guests.

A fully adjustable mount allows for placement anywhere in the room and a range of 28.5 in. of swingout arm extension adjustments.

With a secured wall mount, the AM100 supports displays up to 100 lb. with universal mounting pattern up to 630 x 526 mm.

The versatile features of the AM100 allow it to fit perfectly within any room setup and providing an expansive range of viewing options throughout the space.

Retracting to a paper thin profile that is almost invisible, the AM100 holds displays less than 2 in. from the wall.

The INW-AM100 can be installed behind the AM100 ultra-slim swingout mount to provide a recessed storage area for cables, power sources, and other AV or IT equipment.

Including a lockable lid, the in-wall box provides plenty of storage to secure and organize power cords and cables for a tidy appearance.

The in-wall box provides plenty of space and includes option for both domestic and international power outlets.

The swingout, swivel, and pivot adjustments of the AM100 are also great for video conferencing setups.

Designed for today's slimline displays, the AM100 swingout mount provides an ultra-low profile combined with the ability to extend out up to 30 in. from the wall with options to tilt, pivot, or swivel the mount for ultimate flexibility.

The multi-adjustable features combined with the sleek design allows the AM100 to provide a seamless installation in any type of environment. Choose from a barely visible low-profile wall mount, holding displays less than 2 in. from the wall, or a fully extended wall mount, supporting displays out 30 in. from the wall. The slim mounting base provides three options for the swing arm placement, allowing the AM100 to swing out from the left, right, or center based on installation requirements. The full feature adjustments ensure smooth and easy extension and retraction, as well as swivel, pivot and tilt to easily place displays in the perfect viewing angle.Installed with the INW-AM100 optional in-wall box built specifically for the AM100, the duo ensures a picture perfect installation.

Once installed, the INW-AM100 provides a recessed storage area for cables, cords, and other equipment, option for domestic or international power source, built-in cutouts for proper cable routing, and a secured lid with keylock to keep all equipment neatly tucked away.

100 Reasons to Install the AM100
1. AM100 swings out easily
2. AM100 has great cable management
3. AM100 has cable channel covers
4. AM100 has a built in level
5. AM100 has a specially designed inwall box
6. AM100 can be installed on dry wall
7. AM100 can be installed on brick wall
8. AM100 can  be installed on steel studs
9. AM100 swing-out arm has three mounting positions
10. Unique tilting mechanism
11. Swing arm can be installed with left, right or center justification
12. AM100 has a 180 degree swivel capacity
13. AM100 hold displays up to 100 lb.
14. AM100 holds displays up to 45 kg
15. AM100 allows mounting pattern of 200x200 mm
16. AM100 allows mounting screw size M6
17. AM100 allows mounting screw size M8
18. AM100  has a maximum mounting pattern of 630 x 526
19. AM100 allows VESA mounting pattern of 100x100 mm
20. AM100 allows VESA mounting pattern of 400x400 mm
21. AM100 allows VESA mounting pattern of 600x400 mm
22. Allows installation of in-wall box with power plug for UK
23. Allows installation of inwall box with power plug for Europe
24. AM100 allows installation of inwall box with power plug for Asia
25. Ultra slim design
26. AM100 pulls out 30 in.
27. AM100 pulls out 76 cm
28. AM100 - Easy to install
29. Installation template for quick installation
30. AM100 has lightweight aluminum structure
31. Level adjustment for display
32. Height adjustment for display
33. AM100 is easy to position
34. AM100 fits over 100 different displays on the market
35. Special cover to hide cable on the mounting base
36. Allows installation of in-wall box with power plug for ANY COUNTRY
37. AM100 matches the mounting patttern of the INW-AM100 in-wall box
38. AM100 pivots 180 degrees
39. AM100 tilts 15 degrees
40. AM100 installs in less than 100 minutes
41. AM100 has over 100 degrees of adjustments
42. Collapses to 1.5 in. from the wall
43. Tension adjustable swing-out arm
44. Perfect mount for hotel guest rooms
45. Installs in under 100 steps
46. Doesn't take 100 people to install
47. Installs in over 100 different scenarios
48. Post-installation leveling system
49. Smooth and easy retraction capability
50. Integrated cable management prevents cable pinching
51. Removable front plate for easy installation
52. Backed by a lifetime warranty
53. Separate power and signal cable management
54. Fits over 100 display brands
55. Premier Mounts' furthest extending swingout mount
56. Open design for accessibility
57. Can support interactive or touchscreen displays
58. Can hold 1/20th of a ton
59. Can hold 1600 oz.
60. It has double the swivel adjustment of our AM50 mount
61. It has double the weight capacity of the AM50 mount
62. Collapses to 38 mm from the wall
63. Radial Glide™ provides for effortless tilt adjustment
64. Can be installed in corporate board rooms
65. Can be installed in family or living room area
66. Can be installed in meeting rooms
67. Can be installed in bedrooms
68. 1 of 2 Premier flat-panel mounts with weight capacity of 100 lb.
69. Ultra low-profile
70. Can be installed in classrooms
71. Can install wall plate separately from mounting bracket
72. Back plate has lateral shift adjustment
73. Mounting arm has lateral shift adjustment
74. 3.94 in. x 3.94 in. (min) - 24.8 in. x 20.7 in. (max) mounting pattern
75. Front plate and arm pivots 180º
76. Available in black
77. Durable powder coat finish
78. 4 points of articulation
79. Product weighs 29.11 lb.
80. AM100 weighs 13.2 kg
81. The AM100 can support over 3x its weight
82. Extends out 762 mm
83. Can support flat-panels in over 100 different positions
84. Has a 28.5 in. range from complete collapse to full extension
85. INW-AM100 in-wall box securely stores cables with keylock lid
86. Installs level and plumb
87. Detachable mounting brackets
88. Can be installed in hospital rooms, waiting areas, or lobbies
89. Combines swivel, pivot, tilt, and extension for a fully flexible mount
90. Lightweight mount with heavy-duty features
91. Suitable for any ultra-thin display
92. Tested with up to 4x weight capacity for secured mounting
93. Tested to UL compliant standards
94. Can support 4K/UHD displays
95. Built-in friction control keeps mount at desired tilt angle
96. Tension easily adjusted by tightening the nuts on the swing arm
97. Designed and built in the USA
98. TAA compliant
99. Ultra slim mount at ultra slim price
100. Double the features at half the price