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Optimizing the Work Environment

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  • Premier Mounts' IPM-700 series of iPad mounts were chosen by LanguageWire to implement proNestor software and accommodate the office environment.
  • Equipment Used: IPM-700 Series

Premier Mounts can customize iPad mounts to accommodate the aesthetics of any office environment.

"Premier Mounts' IPM-700 frame for iPads are both stylish and easy to mount," said LanguageWire.

LanguageWire was "proud to present a digital signage solution that is both cool and professional and adapted to their own corporate design."

Premier Mounts' iPad mounts fit seamlessly with the decor of any office and frame finishes may be customized to the taste of the end user.

iPad mounts from Premier Mounts' are an excellent addition for corporate lobbies, conference rooms or meeting areas.

An in-wall a/v and power GearBox™ provides 24/7 access to power for the secured iPad.

Combining all-new proNestor software, which interfaces with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange for virtual meeting management, with Premier Mounts' compact IPM-700 series iPad mounts, businesses can utilize workspace and time more efficiently and accurately.

LanguageWire, a leading translation company, recently implemented proNestor software with Premier Mounts' IPM-700 series iPad mounts to improve workflow and organize the workspace. The result is a more professional atmosphere with an organized foundation. The proNestor software has greatly improved the company's productivity, while Premier Mounts' iPad mounts have provided a trendy, yet professional appearance and a secure mounting frame that is complimentary to the look of the office.