Mount finder

Mobile, Flexible and Durable Mounting Options

  • Pick a pre-configured cart or stand for common uses
  • Mix and match individual parts for special projects
  • Lightweight or heavy-duty base
  • Route cables through the pole(s)
  • Mount adapter included to attach display mount to poles
  • Chrome or black powder-coated poles
  • Many post installation accessories available

All bases, poles and mounts are interchangeable and may be re-configured by the customer. Select a base, lightweight or heavy-duty, with or without casters.

Poles are available in different lengths and finishes: 40, 60, 72, or 84 in. and chrome or black powder-coated.

Choose the mount based on screen size and display weight. Available options include fixed, tilting or rotating mounts.

Add an equipment or camera shelf, brochure holder, or Premier Mounts’ revolutionary dual pole adapter mount.

A customized cart or stand tailored to specific project needs is easy to create with Premier Mounts’ extensive product line. Other available add-ons include iPad mounts.

Video walls can also be seamlessly mounted or transferred to a cart or stand configuration from Premier Mounts.

Heavy-duty adapters with mounting plates are available for use with carts and stands to add more versatility.

Customize a cart or stand or choose from a pre-configured setup

Premier Mounts’ extensive line of carts and stands provides a durable and efficient mounting solution for a variety of markets across the A/V industry. From corporate boardrooms, lobby reception areas, classroom lectures, auditorium presentations, or events such as trade shows, carts and stands provide the necessary mobility and flexibility to keep up with the ever changing needs of the venue, as well as durability to sustain strains of transportation, setup and striking.