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Floor Stand with 84 in. Dual Poles, Back-to-Back Adapter and Two Tilting Mounts for Flat-Panels up to 160 lb.

List $1320.00 Color: Black


  • Base plate can be bolted to floor
  • Patented Griplates™ (US Patent number 8,035,757 B2) support the flat-panel and hold the display tight on its mounting brackets
  • 12º of continuous tilt places flat-panel at the perfect viewing angle
  • Cable management inside poles
  • Mount two flat-panels back-to-back on CTM-MS2 mounts
  • Bundle includes: CS-BASE CTM-MS2(x2)   T84 

This floor stand combination features our heavy duty base with 84 in. chrome poles and two tilting flat-panel mounts with a back-to-back adapter. The PSD-CS84 allows the two CTM-MS2 mounts to be mounted anywhere along the vertical poles to achieve the perfect viewing height. The poles also serve as a conduit for cabling. Both CTM-MS2 mounts feature 12° of continuous tilt and built-in lateral shift.