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Digital Signage Custom Enclosures at the Chesapeake Energy Arena

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  • Premier Mounts' custom design and manufacturing team configured a fully custom enclosure mount to match the exact specifications of the project.
  • Systems Integrator: Ford A/V
  • Completion Date: On going
  • Contact: Jim Tassey, M.E.
  • Total Value of the Project: On going

Ford A/V worked closely with Premier Mounts' engineers to provide revisions and suggestions to tailor the product to exact specifications.

The enclosure needed to have adequate ventilation as well as accessibility for service and adjustments.

Adding six floors to the stadium, 20 custom pieces were designed to be installed during the renovation.

There were many facets to this custom design including appropriate aesthetics and positioning.

The customer was so impressed with custom enclosure that they decided to install Premier Mounts' stock mounts for 127 displays.

The project is at 85% completion and should be finished by the start of the next NBA season.

Premier Mounts' custom design and manufacturing team designed a custom enclosure mount for 6 (six) 46" displays for the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

Systems integrator Ford A/V was looking for an extremely custom mount for an enclosure of six 46" displays that fit specific requirements including size, appearance, and mounting method all at the right cost. Premier Mounts was able to deliver the best solution, matching the tight specification parameters and price point for the systems integrator and the end user.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts on this project?

Premier Mounts was able to supply a high quality product at the right price for the customer, according to Ford A/V.

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

There was excellent coordination of product arrival and shipment that maintained a steady workflow.

What was the biggest challenge and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

The enclosure needed to be painted a specific color, available at only one vendor in Oklahoma City, so shipment and arrival times needed to be scheduled accordingly.