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Bundle - FTPW w/ PP-FCTA

List $352.00 Color: White


  • Adapter plate plate sits hidden above ceiling tile within the T-bar frame
  • Features three electrical and cable knockouts
  • Hole-cutting escutcheon ring
  • Wingnuts for rapid projector adjustments
  • Innovative patent-pending mechanism enables smooth finger-tip alignment (no tools required)
  • Post-installation leveling barrels
  • Lock-Itâ„¢ security hardware and leveling barrel provide strong protection
  • Bundle includes: CLS FTPW PP-FCTA 

The FTP-FCTAW includes the FTP Universal Fine-Tune Projector Mount for projectors that weigh less than 65 lb. and the false ceiling t-frame adapter, PP-FCTA. The FTP includes four long pre-installed mounting legs, two optional short mounting legs to make installation easy. The PP-FCTAW allows for perfect projector placement while hidden above the ceiling tiles.