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Plenum Rated False Ceiling Equipment Storage Boxes

  • GB-AVSTOR5 includes 4 internal power outlets, 1 external power outlet and 1 master power switch
  • Access panels feature a punctuated surface for ventilation
  • Quick-locking cable system for fast installation
  • Multiple knockouts for flexibility
  • Lockable hinged lid to protect and store A/V or IT equipment

Cables are placed at each suspension point of the GearBox™ to ensure a secure installation.

The GearBoxes™ fit easily into any standard 2 x 2 ft. ceiling tile.

The locking lid keeps A/V equipment neatly organized and secured.

A removable tray allows components to be pre-installed for a quicker installation process.

Integrated projector mount coupler with lateral shift is located next to the panel opening.

The GB-AVSTOR5 also includes an internal and external power switch and outlets.

Premier Mounts’ GB-AVSTOR series of plenum rated GearBoxes™ replace or fit within a standard 2 × 2 ft. ceiling tile and provide protected equipment storage for an organized room environment.

The GB-AVSTOR3 and GB-AVSTOR4 are both plenum rated false ceiling equipment storage GearBoxes™ that eliminate the need for an A/V rack in the room by providing neat, secured hideaway storage for A/V and IT components. The GB-AVSTOR5, also plenum rated, provides all of the same great features plus an integrated 1.5 in. NPT coupler for projector mounting options, anD four internal and one external power outlet. An external master switch allows the user to cut power to all power outlets.

All GB-AVSTOR products are Plenum rated. Click here for additional Plenum information