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Secure Mounts for Classified Settings

  • Flexible viewing options provided by a comprehensive range of products
  • Provide the infrastructure for the ultimate control center
  • Create a customized workstation for security and surveillance

Video wall displays are popular for command centers and security applications where different surveillance views require simultaneous monitoring.

The modular and mobile video wall framing system can be arranged in a number of different ways depending on the application.

Touch screen tablet installations provide a secured monitoring system for security settings and environments.

Premier Mounts provides a variety of models including limited access or touchscreen-only frames, full-access mounts, tabletop stands and wall mounts.

Fixed, tilting or articulating flat-panel mounts are available to accommodate the room layout for the best viewing position.

Premier Mounts' products provide a stable infrastructure for secured, discreet and controlled A/V installations in government settings.

Premier Mounts has a variety of configurations available suitable to government standards. Whether it be boardroom video conferencing setups to multi-monitor workstations, Premier Mounts’ products provide flexible, secured installations. Video wall mounts provide a multi-screen view great for security command centers and can easily be transferred to cart or stand configurations, or a smaller scale iPad can be mounted discreetly into the wall as a control measure.