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Bringing the Titanic to Life

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Projector installations were key for interactive displays, projecting images in unusual places to help visitors experience the exhibit hands on. The SPI mount's adjustable pitch upper plate is ideal for vaulted ceilings.

Flat wall mounts like the P4263F securely holds displays less than an inch from the wall to showcase images that related to each gallery of the exhibit. Open design provides easy cable access and management for a seamless look.

The first gallery, Boomtown Belfast, is "one of [the] most impressive rooms in terms of AV" according to Clive Couldwell's "Reliving Titanic" article in AV Interactive. Seven displays and fourteen projectors were installed with Premier Mounts hardware.

With the museum building the ceiling to the exact height of the Titanic at almost 126 ft., using our ceiling height adapters like the AST-2446 ensured a secure fit at the right height, crucial for precisely projected images.

A fully interactive collection of projections, touch screens, and audiovisual enhancements are securely held in place and easily adjusted with features such as lateral shift and post-installation leveling.

The museum is a tremendous tribute to the ship's entire journey from the beginning building stages to the wreckage discovery. Our mounts were a key factor to hold projectors and displays securely in place.

According to the museum's website, the facility is built to mimic four 90 ft. high hulls and uses 3,000 individually unique aluminum shards to represent a reflective pool of water for an inspiring first impression.

A high-tech, landmark museum built to commemorate the immense impact of the Titanic and its history.

The Titanic Belfast Museum, located at the birthplace of the Titanic in Belfast, UK, is a visually stunning exhibition, full of dynamic and interactive audio and visual points. According to Chris Fitzsimmons' article “Titanic Belfast Regenerates Heart of the City”, the museum is Europe’s largest ongoing regeneration project. Being a cultural identifier and the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction with a value of over $120 million, the museum commemorates Belfast’s unique history. With a strict timeline of approximately five months for systems integrator DJ Willrich, the remarkably high-tech and interactive project was on a fast track to completion. Containing nine galleries for the exhibit as well as a dark ride, cave experience, and a cinematic theater, DJ Willrich chose Premier Mounts' products for a secured and precise installation of all equipment. Using SPI and SPI-PRO universal projector mounts and a combination of universal flat-panel mounts, including the P4263F and PRF, ceiling adapters and accessories, a variety of projectors and displays were able to be successfully installed throughout the exhibit’s galleries.