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Interactive, Accessible, and High-Tech Healthcare Facilities

  • Premier Mounts' product versatility fit a number of support for healthcare facilities including:
  • Wayfinding and room control
  • High-tech operating rooms
  • Interactive patient care
  • Patient room comfort
  • Training and education
  • Monitoring and security
  • Antimicrobial powder coat finish

The FPL-1000W is an interactive cart with motorized lift and tilt controls, perfect for in-room patient care, education and training, or digital signage.

Flat-panel mounts like the AM100 support a comfortable room environment for patients to enjoy entertainment during treatment.

Display mounts can also be incorporated into surgical areas for high-tech operating rooms, providing surgeons and other medical staff with high definition display support for critical viewing angles.

Video wall mounts support digital signage platforms that can alert patients, greet visitors, or remind staff of upcoming events and promotions, or even contributions from donors.

iPad® mounts or multi-monitor mounts are perfect installations for monitoring and security. Control room environments, provide interactive directories, or organize nursing stations with compact, small display mounts.

Premier Mounts designs and manufactures A/V mounts with unique versatility to support technological innovation for healthcare facilities including interactive patient support, increased information accessibility, and tools for improved communication.

From wayfinding and room control, education and learning, or interactive patient care and comfort, Premier Mounts’ products are fully functional and flexible to accommodate the fast pace and ever-changing environments in healthcare facilities. Our products can be used throughout healthcare facilities including patient rooms, operating rooms, or clinics. With antimicrobial powder coat finish available, Premier Mounts’ products integrate seamlessly into any medical environment.