Mount finder

Welcome Guests with a Visually Dynamic Setup

  • Functional mounts are easily integrated and designed with complimentary aesthetics
  • Achieve the most favorable, organized room layout with seamless, virtually invisible mounting hardware
  • Partially custom to fully custom products are available to match signature looks for a flawless finishing touch including copper, 24K gold and brass

Our mounts are designed to be fully integrated in a welcoming guest lounge.

Provoke a sense of comfort with a spacious room layout accompanied by integrated, advanced technology for optimal and comfortable viewing.

Built-in cable management and adjustable features, including swivel or height adjustment, make integration a simple process and provide maximum convenience.

With in-house custom design and manufacturing, unique, sleek and stylized products can be built and customized to fit exact specifications.

Provide on demand technology with flat-panel mounts that can be installed anywhere guests or patrons may be.

Guests can easily enjoy TV without compromising an already limited space with our functional and small in footprint custom designed mounts.

Guests can enjoy and relax in any setting with tailor-made mounting equipment to accommodate any room setting.

Swing out mounts like the AM100 provide the ultimate in viewing flexibility with adjustment features including tilt, pivot, extension, or retraction.

A swing out mount is a seamless installation with integrated cable management for a neat and organized appearance.

Maximize the Space and Optimize the View

Flat-panel placement is a crucial aspect that can affect the entire space, including openness, functionality and overall enjoyability for the guest. Premier Mounts' versatile selection of A/V mounts range in adjustability and flexibility to accommodate any need, and fit seamlessly within the property. Accessories and adapters are also available to enhance functionality, as well as custom, one of a kind products to incorporate perfectly with the decor and ambience.