In-Wall Box for the AM100, AM175, and AM300

List $347.00 Color: White

  • Recessed mount for AM100, AM175 and AM300 swingout mount
  • Cable routing through knockouts
  • Frame provides a finished look
  • Integrated PEM-Nut hardware
  • Drop-in power/signal knockouts for easy wiring
  • Mount sold separately

The INW-AM325 In-Wall Box allows for recessed wall mounting of our AM100, AM175 and AM300 Swingout Arms with no mount disassembly required. The mount can be placed directly into the in-wall box. Simply fasten the mount's wall plate to the in-wall box then attach the mount to the wall plate.

Shipping Weight 43.40 lb.| 19.7 kg
Weight Capacity 160 lb.| 72.7 kg
Typical Display Sizes 37.00 in. & up

Display weight & VESA pattern are the most important factors for determining mount compatability

DIM Sizes 29.50 in. (wide) x 6.50 in. (high) x 33.50 in. (deep) | 749 mm x 165 mm x 851 mm
UPC 829973259044
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
CAD File 0.18 MB dwg
Dimensional Drawing 0.23 MB pdf
High Resoluton Image 7.59 MB zip
INW-AM325 Drawing 0.33 MB pdf
Manual 1.84 MB pdf

Does the INW-AM325 need any wall reinforcement?

The INW-AM325 only needs wall reinforcement if the stud spacing is more than 16 inches. In this case, use commercially available 2" x 4" spacer boards and 3" wood screws as needed.

What are the included wood shims for?

Wood shims help center the unit, as well as provide a tight fit when all the wood screws are tightened down. Use as many shims as it takes to ensure that the in-wall box is level and centered.

Do I need to disassemble the swingout mount to fit it into the INW-AM325?

The in-wall box is designed so that you can place the mount directly in it with no disassembly (just make sure the flat-panel display is not attached). Simply use the Phillips head screws and lock washers provided with the in-wall box to fasten the wall p