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Motorized Mounts: From Off-the-Shelf to Custom

  • Single pole lift holds flat-panels up to 180 lb. and dual pole lift holds up to 360 lb.
  • Universal flat-panel mount fits up to 775 x 500mm mounting points
  • All-steel three-hat channeled floorboard
  • Power strip with six "always-on" outlets
  • Two-speed lift mechanism with lift controller module
  • Rear support collar (RSC)

The L180F and L180H are one of the most quiet motorized flat-panel mounts. Supporting displays up to 180 lb., the lifts are available with different cabinet cover options.

A floating top, which is permanently attached to the top of the lift, will move up with the attached display.

With a small manual up/down switch control, the display smoothly lifts to the desired viewing height.

The L180F and L180H can hold displays up to 135 lb.

The L360F and L360H dual column lifts support flat-panels up to 360 lb. Choose between a traditional piano-hinge lid or floating lid style.

The hinged option pushes the lid up out of the way while staying attached to the cabinet.

The L360F and L360H lift height can be easily controlled.

Set displays to the desired height, then hide them away with the click of a button.

Customizing may be as simple as adding a special build mount to a motorized lift, or more comprehensive, requiring extra time to design and manufacture a custom piece.

The lifts are RS232 compliant and built for easy programming and control with wireless remote control.

Whether your installation is for a home, business, RV, yacht, or hotel guest room, Premier Mounts' easy to install flat-panel lift system is the perfect solution for any environment, providing the means to move large displays out of sight when not needed.

Designed for versatility and quick installation, Premier Mounts' lifts feature an all-steel reinforced floorboard and can support a wide range of flat-panel displays up to 360 lb. Flexible features including an ultra-quiet motor and integrated surge protector, combined with the ability to daisy-chain multiple units for simultaneous operation, make Premier Mounts' lift system a complete out-of-the-box experience. Two off-the-shelf lifts, single or dual pole, are available with two basic top cover options, a floating top or hinged option. Premier Mounts' custom design and manufacturing has over 35 years of designing custom products and can modify any lift system to integrate into any environment, from corporate to residential, or hospitality to education.

What does "daisy-chainable" mean?

Each control module has an I/O port, which means you can control several lifts connected through the first module. This is ideal for applications where multiple flat-panels are raised or lowered at the same time.