Adjustable-Height Mount for Projectors up to 10 lb./ 4.5 kg

List $120.00 Color: Silver

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  • MagnaGuide is a registered trademark
  • OSHPD and DSA approved (OPA-1683-07)
  • Tilting ceiling plate allows installation on angled ceilings
  • Lock-It™ security hardware and leveling barrel provide strong protection
  • Radial Glide™ provides smooth roll, pitch and yaw
  • Patented MagnaGuide™ mechanism reduces installation time and aids in projector alignment (U.S. Patent No. 7,758,001 B2)
  • Adjustable height from 9.81 - 13.25 in.

The MAG-EXT is an adjustable-height universal projector mount that fits most projectors weighing less than 10 lb. (4.5 kg). The patented MagnaGuide™ feature reduces installation time by using powerful magnets to easily guide the integrated pipe coupler to the mount. A safety lever locks the two pieces together securely. Radial Glide™ allows up to 10° of smooth tilt adjustment and a simple lock-down screw secures the adjustments. Lock-It™ security hardware is used at critical mounting points for a safe and secure installation. OSHPD approved and UL listed.

Weight 4.00 lb.| 1.8 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 10 lb.| 4.5 kg
Number of Mounts 0
Height 9.81 - 13.25 in.| 249 - 337 mm
Mounting Reach 13.79 in.| 350 mm
Pitch +6.00° / -6.00°
Ceiling Pitch 90.00°
Projector Pitch 6.00°
Roll +6.00° / -6.00°
Yaw +360.00° / -360.00°
DIM Sizes x 2.00 in. (deep) | x 51 mm
UPC 829973200169
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Are there any adapters that can extend the projector further than 13 in. from the ceiling?

Yes. We recommend the MAG-PRO which comes with a 1.5 in. pipe coupler that allows you to add any length 1.5 in. NPT or adjustable suspension adapter, such as the AST-2446.

What if I do not know the weight of my projector?

Most owners manuals will list the weight of the projector. Another option would be to call the manufacturer of the projector. If these options do not get you the information you need, call our Customer Service at (800) 368-9700 for assistance.

Will the magnets cause signal noise?

No. The magnetic field is isolated and dissipates rapidly as you move the projector away from the actual contact point inside the mount.