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Swivel Adapter with 2 inch Pipe-to-Coupler Fittings

List $168.00 Color: Black

*Limited inventory, please call for availability

Our 2 inch pipe-to-coupling adapter allows smooth, safe 360-degree rotation for your display. Thick steel plate is welded to each of the swivel plates and milled to insure mating surface smoothness. The two surfaces are secured by an 8-point, hard steel bolt and self-locking nut for continuous rotation without de-threading. Properly installed, it supports up to 275 lbs. Allen bolt for the couplings and jam nuts for the pipes are included.

Weight 1.96 lb.| 0.9 kg
Weight Capacity 275 lb.| 125.0 kg
DIM Sizes 6.25 in. (wide) x 6.50 in. (high) x 6.25 in. (deep) | 159 mm x 165 mm x 159 mm
UPC 829973802851
Data Sheet 0.34 MB pdf        Data Sheet w/o Price 0.34 MB pdf
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf

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