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The Backbone of High Definition Video Walls with MicroTiles

  • The industry's quickest installation of multiple MicroTiles® configurations
  • Various sized wall brackets are available to configure the array to the desired size
  • Tiles can be stored in cases attached to the mount for off-site set-ups
  • Floating wall brackets create flat and plumb surface to align tiles properly
  • The precise design ensures alignment and a level appearance with no need for fine-tune adjustments
  • Custom products are build-to-order or low stock and subject to qty based pricing and standard lead times of 30 business days, please call for price and lead time

The tiles can be installed three at a time to the mounts on the floor, then raised onto the wall brackets.

The modular design allows the system to be built to the desired size without limitation.

Mounts can easily be transferred from a wall configuration to a cart or stand, seen here with an EB base.

A 3x4 MicroTiles® configuration with the lightweight TL base.

Hooks located on the back of the mounts grasp precisely to the wall brackets to place quickly and easily.

The Christie® MicroTiles® mounting system can be used in any setting, including security surveillance and operation centers.

Premier Mounts' Christie® MicroTiles® mounts are designed specifically for the features of the MicroTiles® to ensure a seamless video wall display with full accessibility and flexibility in design.

With MicroTiles® providing one of the most dynamic visual displays available, Premier Mounts is proud to be the provider of this versatile mounting hardware to maintain a seamless image and ensure a high level of serviceability and mobility.