Mount finder

Menu Boards, Portrait Mounts, and Public Information Displays

  • Low-profile design holds displays less than 2 in. from the wall
  • Fits displays ranging 26 in. - 42 in., 42 in. - 63 in., and 50 in. - 80 in.
  • Mounting slots allow for a variety of stud configurations
  • Built-in lateral shift allows for flexible display positioning
  • Lock-Itâ„¢ security barrel included

The P2642T supports displays up to 130 lb. and provides up to 10 degrees of continuous tilt, providing the ability to adjust for optimal views.

The P-Series flat-panel mounts are versatile and can be installed anywhere for a variety of purposes, such as conference rooms or meeting areas.

Combine the P-Series mounts into a linear video wall or menu board by connecting them side-by-side for a dynamic digital signage display.

The low-profle design is a great match for any environment, including corporate board rooms, lobbies, or reception areas.

For displays ranging from 42 in. - 63 in., the P-Series allows displays to be mounted dynamic in portrait orientation with both fixed and tilting options.

The P-Series is a perfect solution for mounting displays in entertainment and restaurant venues as guests can enjoy optimal views with the adjustable tilt feature.

Capable of holding displays up to 300 lb., the P5080T provides the same great features for larger displays up to 80 in.

Broadcast announcements, upcoming events, or promotions with a digital signage display mounted seamlessly with a low-profile P-Series mount.

The open design of the P-Series allows for easy access to both the mount and display for quick adjustments or maintenance.

Compatible with all video conference and equipment shelves, the P-Series can be combined for a dynamic video conference setup.

From video conferencing to digital signage, the P-Series low-profile mounts are versatile and adjustable, easily installed in a variety of environments for a wide range of applications.

Secure, adjustable, and economically feasible, the low-profile P-Series fixed and tilting flat-panel mounts are the perfect answer for any digital signage need. Great for restaurants with a digital menu or in any digital signage environment, the P-Series features built-in lateral shift and an open design, allowing for adjustments to be made after installation as well as quick and easy access to cable routing or power receptacles.

What is "post-installation leveling"?

Screws at the top of each mounting bracket can be independently tightened to slightly adjust the level of the flat-panel after installation, providing a last-minute correction if needed.

Can I add a shelving system to my flat-panel mount?

Yes, see the SHLF-VE. The SHLF-VE shelving system contains a video-conferencing camera shelf and the single-equipment shelf.

Why do I need lateral shift?

Studs are seldom where you need them to be. Lateral shift gives you extra room for shifting the flat-panel to exactly where you need it.