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Full-Tile False Ceiling Adapter

List $125.00 Color: White

  • Includes 100 ft. of 14-guage wire and four turnbuckles
  • Ability to shift display or projector by 4 in. in any direction
  • Wingnuts for rapid projector adjustments
  • Accepts 1.5 in. NPT pipes
  • Features two electrical and cable knockouts for more flexibility when running power or signal
  • Replaces standard 2 x 2 ft. ceiling tile

The full-tile false ceiling adapter mounts projectors or flat-panels to the support system of a suspended/false ceiling. It fits in the T-bar metal framing system, replacing one standard 24 x 24 in. ceiling tile. It provides for some manual horizontal adjustment, so the ideal focal point can be achieved. It will support up to 50 lb.

Shipping Weight 25.40 lb.| 11.5 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 50 lb.| 22.7 kg
Number of Mounts 0
DIM Sizes 25.50 in. (wide) x 2.50 in. (high) x 25.50 in. (deep) | 648 mm x 64 mm x 648 mm
UPC 829973258566

Can I install the PP-FCMA in a 24 x 48 in. ceiling tile space?

Yes, simply add a 24 in. piece of T-bar (not included) to support the mount and ceiling tile. Then place a 24 x 24 in. replacement ceiling tile (not included) in the open space.

What can I fasten the PP-FCMA to?

Use the 14-guage wire and (4) turnbuckles to fasten the adapter to a wood stud ceiling, concrete ceiling or ceiling truss. Concrete ceiling installations also require concrete eye anchor bolts (not included).