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4 inch-8 inch I-Beam Adapter with 1.5 inch Pipe Nipple

List $230.00 Color: Black

*Limited inventory, please call for availability

  • Includes 1.5 inch threaded pipe nipple with cable outlet
  • Ideal for rental & staging installations
  • Supports up to 195 lb.
  • Fits I-Beams and tube-trusses between 4 in -8 in

This adjustable I-Beams clamp is ideal for installations where a display or projector are mounted directly to steel I-beam or truss structure

Weight 8.00 lb.| 3.6 kg
Weight Capacity 195 lb.| 88.6 kg
Width 4.00 in.| 102 mm
Truss Width 8.00 in.| 203 mm
Pipe Length 1.50 in.| 38 mm
DIM Sizes 12.00 in. (wide) x 4.00 in. (high) x 12.00 in. (deep) | 305 mm x 102 mm x 305 mm
UPC 829973807207
Data Sheet 0.34 MB pdf        Data Sheet w/o Price 0.34 MB pdf
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