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Universal Projector Mounts

  • Integrated cable management provides organized installation and prevents cable pinching
  • Various quick installation connectors speed up installation and service time
  • Install with many of Premier Mounts' pipes, adapters, and other accessories
  • Innovative security hardware ensures strong protection of projectors and secured installation
  • Varying weight capacities hold projectors up to 75 lb.

Cable routing allows for an organized installation with a clean finish. Adding in a false ceiling adapter also provides integrated cable management even with ceiling installations.

The FTP projector mount is a unique universal mount, providing installers the ability to adjust pitch, roll, and yaw independently and without using any tools.

The PBC-UMS is another universal projector mount accommodating projectors up to 40 lb. It offers flexible projector positioning with four patented dual-joint support arms that reach almost any mounting point on a projector.

An adjustable height projector mount like the PBL-UMS provides unique mounting options for projectors including portrait orientation. A quick release connector allows for quick installation and easy release for maintenance without re-alignment.

Direct mounting slots on the PDS-PLUS universal projector mount enables the mount to be fastened directly to structural surfaces or mate with many Premier Mounts' adapters and accessories.

Projector stackers combine multiple projectors for a wider or taller projection, or even 3D displays. Accessories are available for precise placement and added security.

Boardrooms and meeting rooms can also benefit from projector installations for large-scale presentations for impromptu meetings or training sessions.

Projector mounts can also be paired with accessories such as cheeseboro adapters to securely attach

Easily installed and maintained, Premier Mounts' projector mounts provide maximum support for projector installations throughout many environments including auditoriums, training rooms, classrooms, or corporate boardrooms.

User-friendly design, innovative security features, and flexible projector positioning are all features included within Premier Mounts' line of universal projector mounts. Integrated cable routing ensures a flawless looking finish after installation, as well as organizing cables and protecting from possible pinching hazards. Versatile ceiling plates and accessories can be adapted to allow for mounting to traditional or vaulted ceilings.

How does 12 points of contact help with the PDS-PLUS projector mount?

More contact points means more surface area, which equals more friction applied across the mount. This translates to a rigid mount that will not creep or sag after installation.

Where can I mount the SpiroLock™?

All SpiroLock™ mounts can be fastened to a wood stud, solid ceiling surface or short-throw projector wall mount. The SPI-PRO model can also mate with any 1.5 in. NPT pipe.

What if I do not know the weight of my projector?

Most owners manuals will list the weight of the projector. Another option would be to call the manufacturer of the projector. If these options do not get you the information you need, call our inside sales at (800) 368-9700 for assistance.