Low-Profile Single-Pole Floor Stand with 84 in. Chrome Pole

List $550.00 Color: Black

  • Includes one VPM single-display adapter with a 50 lb. weight capacity per head, which can also be used in back-to-back applications
  • Available in 60, 72 and 84 in. heights
  • Cable management inside poles
  • Adjustable flat-panel placement along pole for perfect viewing height
  • Low-profile base (0.25 in.) can easily slide under carpet for a seamless look
  • Includes   P84   PSP-BASE   VPM  

This single-pole floor stand includes 84 in. chrome poles and allows a small flat-panel display to be positioned anywhere along the length of the pole. The PSP-84 includes the VPM, which holds a 50 lb. weight capacity per head.

Shipping Weight 50.00 lb.| 22.7 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 100 lb.| 45.5 kg
Number of Mounts 1
Total Weight Capacity 100 lb.| 45.5 kg
Height 84.00 in.| 2134 mm
Pipe Length 84.00 in.| 2134 mm

Can I bolt this to the floor?

Yes. There is a .375" hole on each corner of the base to bolt and secure the base to the floor.

Can I mount more than one flat-panel on this stand?

Yes. The PSP stand includes one VPM, which allows one displays to be mounted. You can add more mounts by purchasing additional VPMs.

What mounts can I use on this stand?

You can use the VPM.