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Safe Installations Begin with a Quality Mount from Premier Mounts

  • For troubleshooting, technical support, installation guidance, or other safety tips please call (800) 368-9700
  • Products are guaranteed by a lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured only where quality of products can be 100% guaranteed
  • Built from high quality, cold rolled steel, to ensure strength and endurance
  • All products are tested to hold four times the stated weight capacity
  • Carts and stands are tested at a 15º tipping angle at maximum weight
  • Select products hold safety certifications certifications including UL, ETL Intertek, OSHPD, and Division of State Architects of California

Carts and stands are tested at a 15º tipping angle at a maximum weight in order to ensure safety of the product.

Our lifetime warranty guarantees products to be free from defects for the duration of the product's lifetime from the original installation.

Our mounts hold various safety certifications, including UL listing to ensure meeting quality and safety standards recognized by the entire AV industry.

The universal hardware pack is included with every mount, cart, and stand and provide the necessary tools to begin a safe installation.

Accessories ranging from suspension pipes, storage boxes, to clamps and adapters are available to accommodate installations or provide an added measure of security.

Selecting the appropriate mounting hardware to support installations is of utmost importance, and sadly is one of the most overlooked aspects in installations.

Many customers may not stress over the importance of what mount goes into a project, with most attention focused on the end result. For instance in video wall installations, much of the attention, planning, and focus is geared towards the digital sigange content and quality of the image, with less attention paid to the structural support. Improper mount selection or installation can lead to critical system failures and accidents.

Premier Mounts' products are safety certified and backed with a lifetime warranty. Taking a few safety tips into consideration before mounting a display, projector, or video wall can lay the foundation for a safe and securely installed system. For more information, click here to read Premier Mounts' Director of Manufacturing, Rich Pierro, essay on "Mounting Challenges" in a past issue of Sound and Communications publication.